Phenomenal Philippines

The List of WHO`S WHO Cities in the Philippines
by: Eunice Bennett of Eunice Bennett Ministries

Ten years running and still counting, we have been to so many cities of the Philippines, a nation in Asia. There are stand out cities that are full of prophetic destinies and there are those that are still groping to discover their own. Today, I am going to make a list of the top cities that are full of prophetic destinies. Having been to three different major regions of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and to 15 cities so far, these cities will undeniably take off than the rest. Here they go:

1. Iloilo – one of the qadash`s cities of God! She will rise in all dimensions. Her rising is not only in the Body of Christ but even in the politics, academic, medical development, societal influence in Asia, etc. Undeniably, the rising star among the cities of the Philippines. Iloilo will bless Philippines with many presidents. I prophesied that to them in 2012. It was repeated in 2014. Their election cycle in 2016 can possibly start the season of Iloilo president`s in ascendancy. The Hongkong of the Philippines will soar like a mighty eagle and her economic rise will cause many hands to scratch their heads. In the Body, she is famished with an apostolic and spiritual father that her ministers can go and listen. A hungry city, with a hunger expressed in diversified ways. She is so spiritually hungry that she will take in everything, bad and good! Give Iloilo an inch, she will take it a mile for you. A city worth discovering for any foreign ministers. Overall, she is beautiful to look at!

2. Davao City- When I declared last February that a voice from Mindanao is going to arise from Davao, who would ever thought that the Mayor of Davao City is now one of the respected political leaders that will run for president in the Philippines for 2016? I saw Davao winning an award as a City of Righteousness last Feb. Nine weeks ago, she was recognized as the most peaceful city in the world! Yes, in the world! Davao will rise phenomenally like Iloilo. Undeniably, a rising star..! Even her spirit is unlike no other. Only a few months of being prophesied, she manifested her prophecy right away. That prophetic video of a “voice” becomes viral. Davao, is the Singapore of the Philippines! The righteousness level and the moral code of governing in this City has rose up to become like Singapore. She has to keep that righteousness in order to preserve her prophetic destiny.

3. Victorias City – Virtually unknown but full of prophetic destiny. She will become one of those city sensation for the Philippines. This is a city waiting for a revival to happen and to explode. She is positioned for that. The apostolic and intercessory mantle is all over her. From the public officials to the pastors, she is different. A city that is hungry for the prophetic voice. She fulfilled her portion of prophecy only in 8 months. Her prophecy is hanging at the Office of the Mayor. All the prominent men of the City is lining up to her prophecy because of its fulfillment. Victorias will be one of those respected cities that will burst with so many possibilities. In this city, men will rise in a level that will draw all kinds of professional to the Lord. She is yet to be heard and discovered!

4. Laoag City- Her untapped potential will make her the Zion of Luzon. They have this unbelievable hunger, eagerness and generosity that looks like an ideal seedbed for any work to flourish. A gated city, gated by demonic principalities, yet a haven for any minister once it is penetrated. One of the rare cities of the Philippines that preserved the appearance of the old Philippines into our 21st century world. She will rise to a new phenomenon! She will become the evidence of the redemptive love of God for a city that was destroyed by shame and humiliation because of political dynasties! If Laoag can raise up a prophetic voice, her best gift to the Philippines would be an apology tour. A prophetic voice that carries a spirit of humility to apologize to the churches and to the Filipinos that they became the beach head of the former dictator, the late President Marcos. This will break the spirit of hate that is in her atmosphere. If the spirit of hate is broken from Laoag, a massive overflow of spiritual inheritances will flow from her going towards the major cities of Manila. But above all, she needs to know that this is what she have. If Laoag can complete an apology tour, she will bless the entire Philippines with a portion of national healing. Part of the wounds of the Philippines will be healed if she can make that effort.

5. Cagayan de Oro City – her unity movement can bring in the bowl of revival for her city and a template for other cities, if so. If she can destroy the evil of witchcraft in her land, she will have a more glorious prophetic destiny. She needs the glory coming out of the prophetic anointing to break power struggles among the ranks of the ministers. She needs revivalist and the anointed mix of evangelist – teacher ministers to teach the Body of Christ. Her greatest challenge is destroying the fortified high places in her land that is being re-enforced with more shrines and graven images. She needs a powerful prophetic voice that understands war against the kingdom of idols and destroying the corresponding spirit realm that comes with idolatry. Greed must be broken from her and she needs a revelation on how to have a right attitude towards money. A revelation of social graces taught in practical terms is needed by this City. There is anointing and there is relationship. With the right minister ministering to her in a Body wide level, she can reach that place to be excellent in both! She has the hunger! God has just to send her way the right people to minister to her in the power of the anointing and hit that two spots! When she reached that place in the Spirit, she will become the haven of the prophets.

6. Bacolod City- a city with a ton load of potential that can rise as a giant if she can realize the potential of prayer. She needs more fire at her altar and better teachers at her pulpit. A runner up along side other cities that but quite not there yet. There is lukewarmness among the believers in this City and it seems she is not realizing her potential strategically and spiritually. I could not point my finger, but somewhere in the history of this city, her spirit was wounded. Interacting with people from Bacolod, you can sense that fear of trusting and skepticism. In her city, she is losing her sharpness. But once you transfer her to another place, she can express her hunger and connect with a sharp wavelength. Therefore, her dullness in the Spirit is geographically rooted. Something was not broken in her atmosphere that causes the deaf and the dumb spirit. This is the job of the watchmen of the City to destroy the dominion of darkness in her province. God has to send intercessor-revivalist to heal her heart from generational, economic and societal wounds that injured her spirit. Take note of this watchmen and ministers…

Is your city mentioned..? If not, it is either because we have not visited your city or if we did, the Lord held back what needs to be released. If individuals go through a season of testing, sifting, purging and tribulation, cities are likewise not spared.

“Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver;
I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.” (Isaiah 48:10, NASB)

Glory to God who is the Author and Revealer of these things..!