Overthrowing The Old Foundation

Exodus 23:24
“… you shall not bow down to their gods nor serve them, nor do as they do, but you shall utterly overthrow them and break their pillars in pieces.”

This is a piece of instruction God has to the Israelites during their conquest towards the promised land. In its context, the Israelites was instructed not to bow down to their gods nor serve them. Bowing down here literally not just plainly to worship but to be under a contract. It is to be in chains and shackles. It is to be tied up with. It is to be bound in bondages and to be placed under full control and in limitations. It is to be under their influence. God says do not let them get you imprisoned. Get out! He is now calling us, a generation who will say “NO!” to the world and the foundations made by men. He is raising a people who know who they are and whose they are. Those who know their rightful position and their authority. Those who will not do what the world does under the influence of man’s understanding and capability. But those who will carry the truth and the light to bring the people in the world out of their pits.

And Israelites will have to overthrow and demolish their influences and break their pillars or sacred stones as their fundamental system on how they believe and live. This is also true to where the churches of today are built upon. Whether we stand on God’s doctrine or world’s or man’s doctrine. But notice that it was mentioned to “utterly” overthrow. Utterly literally here means to do it completely. It is to have it in fullest extent. It is to bring down in its entirety. Now God is talking to us. Are we willing to tear down completely the foundation of the world’s  and man’s influences? Are we ready to put off the identity the world has given us and put on God’s identity over ourselves? Our past will not determine who we are because God is calling us from the place of destiny. He calls us based on who we will be in His plan and purpose for our life. I can sense Him now saying “You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation and a people belonging to Me…”

God is now challenging us to break free from our past because the future is waiting for us to fulfill what is meant to be fulfilled. Chains now be loosened. Shackles are now getting broken. This generation shall rise as people belonging to God. This people shall be a fire brand that will spread like wild fire among the nation. Stand up from our rejection and molestation and walk towards God. Move out from deprivation and depression and enter the hope of glory. Take up our mat and walk. We were once limping but now will walk straight. Once mute but now will speak up in authority. Once deaf but now will hear the voice of God. Once blind but now will see His glory. Once numb and dying but now will feel the heartbeat of Life. Arise! Arise! And march our authority over the land. And crush the foundations that Satan has built upon our life, our family, our society and our nation to serve his stronghold. Surely, they will fall down and collapse like the wall of Jericho. The hindrances and disturbances are now being moved out of the way towards our promised land; towards our destiny. Arise! Arise!