Climax: Loudest Call To The Generations (Philippines)

Today, I will be blogging what the Lord showed and said to me when I attended the Live Worship Concert of Planetshakers in Manila last August 14, 2015.

We arrived in the venue about 6 in the evening. While waiting, I was just like enjoying the view of the coliseum and the crowd. For some time, my mood was like shaken due to long hours of waiting for the event to kick off. However, when I relaxed and looked into my spirit, I saw the word “climax“.  And then I asked God about the message or the meaning for such word to appear. Got no reply yet. However, I responded saying “I will wait for this surprise!” Then about half an hour or less than that, the worship started. Of course, it was awesome to see God in the midst of His people in worship.

When Pastor Sam took over for a prophetic release of God’s word and encouragement, God reminded me of the word “climax“. But now, He explained. He said that my generation will have to catch up for a “maximum climb“. The event is the loudest call for such to arise. The nation will have to prepare because waves of troubles around the world are rippling all over. This is the loudest call for my generation to climb at its maximum. This is our time. This is our moment. God has covered us with a special anointing to arise for such a time as this.

Now, when I heard that, it was like “really God?” Then as we sang the song entitled, The Anthem, God showed to me in a very special way the flag of the Philippines with the use of the stage lights. For a clearer view, see the cover photo of this blog. Then I said to myself, this is it God! That I believe is God’s way of calling the Philippines to step up higher. Climb at its maximum.

Then another amazing confirmation was when God’s Word was exhorted in the middle of the worship. Pastor Rudy Nikkerud confidently declared that Filipinos are the loudest and most passionate worshippers ever around the world. Isn’t it a loud call? Loudest perhaps! Now, I myself am being called to participate in this maximum climb God has set for us FIlipinos. Join me in this season for maximum climb!