Season Of Stretching: Entering The New Level

Been Feeling A Sudden Stretching This Week?
By Lana Vawser of Lana Vawser Ministries

I saw many across the body of Christ feeling a sudden stretching this week. A sudden stretching that has seems to have come out of nowhere, that has left many feeling like they have been stretched more in a week than they have in a while.

There is a transitioning happening this week. There’s an “unsettling transition feeling” that many have suddenly felt this week. That’s because there is a crossover happening in the spirit for many this week.

You are going to a new level!!!! You are going higher!! You are going into a new place where nothing is going to look the same anymore. The new is here!!! You are passing through a threshold into a whole new realm!! This will require a whole new level of intimacy, a whole new level of trust, a whole new level of surrender, that you will be carried into as you rest in the rivers of His Spirit. His Spirit will carry you where you need to go. You will not be taken there by your own efforts or strength, but by His power.

There may be a greater level of sacrifice and surrender before you but it will be a JOY as you move into deeper levels of encounter with His heart and wider open spaces of promotion, favour, revelation and breakthrough.

Embrace the ‘unsettledness and transition feeling’ and know you are birthing and suddenly a shift will take place releasing you into the new level.

What many of you are feeling in this sudden ‘unsettledness and transition feeling’ has left many of you wondering what you have done wrong, or what’s going on. The exact opposite is true. You are being stretched for your increase, promotion and birthing.

The sudden opening of this new level is going to open up realms of encounters with Him and the supernatural like you have never seen before. Get ready to know Him like you have never known Him before as you have positioned yourself. Keep going into your secret place to spend time with Jesus. Keep drawing away even in the ‘uncomfortableness’ this week of the transition. Get those lamps ready for not only will they be filled even more and to overflowing, but more oil in reserve to pour out to others.

The stretching may be feeling painful, but align yourself with what He is doing in the transition through your alignment and surrender. Keep worshipping through the transition this week and you just wait and see the double doors of a new level open up and the mountains that have stood in your way attempting to block you from this entrance be flattened before you.