A World Under A Silent War Update | US Accuses Russia Of Escalating Syrian Civil War

US Accuses Russia  Of Escalating Syrian Civil War

Ashton Carter, the US defence chief, said in an impromptu press conference “Russia states an intent to fight Isil on the one hand, and to support the Bashar al-Assad regime on the other. Fighting Isil without pursuing a parallel political transition only risks escalating the civil war in Syria – and with it, the very extremism and instability that Moscow claims to be concerned about and aspire to fighting. So that approach is tantamount to pouring gasoline on the fire.”

Ashton Carter, the US defence chief, said his understanding was also that the Russian strikes “were in areas where there were probably not Isil forces,” the closest that any US official went on Wednesday to declaring that Moscow – instead of attacking Isis – had attacked the enemies of Assad. – The Guardian

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