When God Transitions

By Eunice Bennett of Eunice Bennett Ministries

Eli was once anointed and appointed. His season of appointment ends. God raised up another person, Samuel. Samuel was appointed even before he was anointed.

Eli is exiting, Samuel is entering.

Samuel is the protege`. Eli is the mentor. God disliked the mentor but stuck to him because of the protege`. Eli`s vision is diminishing, physically and spiritually.

When God is about to exit the appointment of a personality, you will see a diminishing vision either in the spirit or in the natural.

In the natural, health will start to fail. In the spirit, the voice of God is gone from the person and will start to become louder to the new personality in transition. 

Israel is stuck to the old voice which is no longer the voice of God, but a voice of a familiar personality. A nation thought God was still with Eli because of his former reputation.
But God had already moved to a new person. Yet, the nation could not distinguish the entrance of the new.

In America, God is transitioning.

Old prophets are dead or dying, with health failing. Yet America is still looking up to the old foundations, with voices fading.

Only few can discern that the Samuel`s are rising.

If the Lord is stuck to the Eli`s only because it has to train the Samuel`s.
But the voice of the Lord already skips the Eli in order to communicate to the Samuel`s.

Who would tell a confused nation that God has already moved to the next person?

That the sick Elis` are a sign of departure and not restoration?
Who has the ears to hear what the Spirit is saying?
Who would pay attention to the on going transition?
Who would step out and say, “this is the Samuel in our midst today?”
To whom did God reveal His heart in order for them to see this?
Israel did not get it.
Would America get it?

Let them who have ears hear what the Spirit is saying! (Revelation 3:22, New Testament)