Signs of Healing a Nation

By Eunice Bennett of Eunice Bennett Ministries

Over the years, I paid attention on how cities and nations are responding to the messages that this ministry carries. One of our strengths is the supernatural ability of this ministry to decipher what is wrong in the spirit about a city or a nation just being in that place for a few hours. With that discernment, is our flexibility to shift the message if needed in order to address societal issues, ecclesiastical issues, political issues, economic issues, antiquated doctrinal issues, or the iniquity issues of the church. With that, you will never become irrelevant.

Today, I will look into signs of healing for a nation. Among the nations that I have visited, I will talk about the Philippines and particularly these two cities: Iloilo and Davao.

This generation and the future generation of these cities need to handle, manage and nurture these cities in the mantle of an apostolic father in order to bring these cities to its place of greatness. These two cities are now headed in the right direction! God is doing something great in Iloilo in the area of economy, government, exposure, education, sports and tourism. The recent job boom in Iloilo is going to create an upsurge of growth in its local economy that it is going to attract migration to the city. The phenomenal development of Iloilo is meteoric in proportion not only because of a responsible and visionary local government officials but because of what was prophetically released in the spirit realm. Things have aligned for Iloilo at the right time, at the right season, with the right people in places of government and ekklesia (the church), because there is a prophetic destiny being fought in the spirit realm.

Iloilo City achieved city hood status as early as 1889. From that time until 2012, very little, magnifiable development has been seen. Mayors and governors have come and gone, and yet not until Jed Mabilog becomes mayor that things started to turn around. Jed is young, disciplined, focused, motivated and “out of the box” thinker. He can make things done! He is an excellent marketer. He knows the strength of his city and he knows what it has. He knows how to market it to the investors to consider Iloilo for trade missions or business and investment opportunities. You see, there are things that school will not teach you about the marketplace until you school yourself with observations and insights. Read this:

3 “indeed, if you call out for INSIGHT
and cry aloud for UNDERSTANDING,
4 and if you look for it as for silver
and search for it as for hidden treasure,
5 then you will understand the fear of the Lord
and find the knowledge of God.
6 For the Lord gives wisdom;
from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.
7 He holds SUCCESS in store for the upright,
he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless,
8 for he GUARDS the course of the just
and protects the way of his faithful ones.” (Proverbs 2:3-8, NIV, Italics mine)

One of the signs that God is healing a nation is when righteous leaders start to occupy the mountain of government. When the righteous is placed or elected in that position, expect a shift in the direction of where the city or the nation is headed. Decisions, executive orders, legislations, policies, ordinances that are righteous are birthed out even with resistance from the opposing political parties. When righteous laws are established in the land, angelic watchers are released to perform the decrees.

” …In order that the living may know that the Most High is ruler over mankind, and bestows it on whom He wishes…” (Daniel 4:17, NASB)

The removal of the man of understanding and insight from the government positions are a sign of God`s desertion upon a nation. God did this to Egypt.

“Well then, where are your wise men?
Please let them tell you, and let them understand what the Lord of Hosts has purposed against Egypt?” (Isaiah 19:12, NASB)

When the wise men are not in the governing position, then who will rule a city or a nation? The fools, the stupid, the deluded, the deceived, the distorted! They will bring the nation at the wrong side of history. Look at this:

“The princes of Zoan are mere FOOLS;
The advice of Pharaoh’s wisest advisers has become STUPID.
How can you men say to Pharaoh,
“I am a son of the wise, a son of ancient kings”? (Isaiah 19:11, NASB, Italics mine)


” The princes of Zoan HAVE ACTED FOOLISHLY,
The princes of Memphis are DELUDED;
Those who are the cornerstone of her tribes
Have led Egypt ASTRAY.” (Isaiah 19:13, NASB, Italics mine)

The princes mentioned here like Zoan, Memphis, “son of ancient Kings”, Pharaohs are all titles of rulership and leadership that ascribe to monarchy as their form of government. In our day and age, this is the president or the prime minister of a nation. All leaders… but foolish!

What is the economic effect to a city or to a nation when it is the foolish that rules?

” There will be NO WORK for Egypt
Which its head or tail, its palm branch or bulrush, may do.” (Isaiah 19:15, NASB, Italics mine)

People do not realize it that when the righteous, the supernaturally intelligent, the wise men, the men of understanding and insight are gone from the government, the consequence to a nation or city is joblessness! That is the meaning of “no work.” When the right kind of people are in power to legislate, confidence to government either local or national is back to the land. Investors who brought businesses to the land feels secure to do business if the government has the right kind of people that governs them. If righteous laws are in place, it is easy to predict the economic climate. But if there is nothing in place, everyone is groping in the dark. This is where corruption and bribery becomes the petri dish that grows evil in the system of the government.

Foolish leaders could not generate jobs for the people or for the nation! You will know it that you have a foolish president when jobs are disappearing. The nation will be heading to an economic drought.

Another sign that God is healing the nation is when its people are no longer scattered in some other foreign lands just to get a job. When there is a scattering, economists call this the brain drain. When the necessary skilled workers are gone, the nation is left to the mediocrity.


It will be the city that will recruit the labor force, the skilled workers and other “jobs on demand” to fill up slots that are empty because businesses are needing employees! I saw Iloilo as the province that will reduce the number of domestic helpers working abroad! The job opportunity will be greater in Iloilo than what is being offered by other neighboring Asian nations!

What makes this manifestation a sign of national healing was because when it was prophesied in 2012 during the March For Jesus, there was no visible economic momentum seen in the province. Iloilo was just an acre of swamps then! Here is the prophecy`s link:

Right now, an Italian company is going to kick off a bamboo business in Iloilo to manufacture paper and viscose clothing material for exports in Europe and Middle East. That company is hiring 35,000 people! Yes, Maria, Lina and Jose. That`s 35,000! Not 350..!

Some of the towns of Iloilo does not even have that many people. A labor force has to be hired from some other parts of the Philippines to meet that quota! An influx of migration is going to come to Iloilo. See that coming, Ilonggos! With that migration, there will be a housing boom from rental properties to buying condo properties and single family houses. There will be a boom in food industry because of a sudden rise in the population. The transportation industry will boom as there will be 100x more people to accommodate for travel. The energy industry will boom as there willl be more demand for oil and gas. More cars and public utility vehicles will be purchased to accommodate the population growth and the frequency of travels. Tourism business will boom. As people had more and more money, travel becomes easy!

At that time, when I mentioned in the prophecy about Fortune 500 companies investing to them, not one of them was clapping. I do not think they understood what it meant. When I told them that investors are going to come and they shall become the by-word of their conversations, no one was clapping. They are clueless on what it meant. When I told them that their highways and by-ways will be built, no one was clapping. They could not see it in their spirit. But when I said, revival is going to come, they were clapping! Why? It is a church language! They hear it in church! But words like Fortune 500, investors, “by ways and high ways” are economic and real estate jargons that the poor Marchers could not relate. Nonetheless, God does not need the Marcher`s understanding to fulfill a prophecy. There was a violence in the spirit when the prophet prophesied! God backed it up! The portions of prophecy released in a 13 minute long utterance is now getting fulfilled right before their eyes. Even foreigners that tour among them are talking about it.

” Thus says the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker:

Ask Me about THE THINGS TO COME concerning My sons,
and you shall commit to Me the work of My hands.” (Isaiah 45:11, NASB, Italics mine)

Another sign of healing for a nation is when witchcraft in the land is diminishing, given up or destroyed. Eight weeks after the prophecy below was released, the major generational witch in Leganes, Iloilo died! The encounter of the witch was the anointing in the prophecy. There was no direct, personal confrontation between the prophet and the witch like the Elijah or the false prophets of Baal type encounter. The anointed prophetic word spoken in the realm of the spirit is more than enough to take him out from the land of the living! Read this:

2 He said to me, “Son of man, these are the men who devise iniquity and GIVE EVIL advice in this city,
3 who say, ‘The time is not near to build houses. This city is the pot and we are the flesh.’
4 “Therefore, prophesy against them, son of man, prophesy!” (Ezekiel 11: 2-4, NASB, Italics mine)

Many local and national leaders visited that witch in Leganes to be healed or get some domestic policy and security advise. Yet, when a true prophetic voice emerges in the land, it was so easy for God to do a duplication of this:

“Now it came about as I prophesied, that Pelatiah son of Benaiah DIED. Then I fell on my face and cried out with a loud voice and said, “Alas, Lord GOD! Will You bring the remnant of Israel to a complete end?” (Ezekiel 11:13, NASB, Italics mine)

Who was Pelatiah? An evil advisor! A witch! They exist at the White House or at the Malacanang Palace or at a Governor`s Mansion! During the time of Pharaoh in Egypt, they are a member of his court, a part of his cabinet. (Genesis 41:8, O.T.) In the absence of a prophetic voice, it is the witches in the land that flourishes! Not anymore..! As the prophetic voices are getting louder with strong messages that they carry from cities to nations, witchcraft voices in the church, in the marketplace, in the government are diminishing! Prophetic voices are rising, advancing and getting louder! Prophecies are accurate, precise, and demolishing unbelief and doubts. It destroys the spirit of poverty. It is conquering the high places previously occupied by the wicked. Prophetic voices are releasing destinies to people, churches, cities and nations for its full manifestations!

Sometimes a city or a nation could not prosper, because the strongman and the stronghold in that place are not removed from their high places. This is why true prophetic voices are needed to cut them off! Otherwise, they will remain as a major influence among the kings, leaders and power brokers of the land.

The regional prophecy released to Iloilo was heard by thousands in 2012. In an era where the voice of the prophets are ignored or rejected. Yet, the ignorance and the rejection of men could not stop the agenda of the Spirit of God. God is taking Iloilo for Himself! No denomination, no doctrine, no leader, no religion and even no trying hard spirit of poverty was able to stop it! Why? Who can stop something that is birthed from God? You will end up fighting against God! (Acts 5:39, N.T.)

The Spirit of God has proven it above and beyond that He is better than any denomination. His ways are not the rigid doctrine. The cessationist theory believers who are against the gift of prophecy and prophets looks like a complete fool in the unfolding and the on going fulfillment of the prophecy! Those that are bound in the spirit of poverty who loved to kill prophetic promises are still in their quagmire of debt – hoping to survive the day today! My heart goes to you despite of that! Do not allow ignorance and the false interpretation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit become your teacher! You can still open up, listen and receive!

Everyone, Iloilo is on her way towards economic boom!

Prophetic generation, you did not come to such a time as this without a fight! Those that were ahead of you lit the way and paid the price so that you will have a good foundation for your prophetic ministry. Do not quit and give up just like that. Fulfill your calling and find your inheritance in the assignment.

Unbelievers of prophecy and prophets, are you unemployed? Your job might be waiting for you in Iloilo! And oh by the way, it is a product of prophecy..!