Have Faith!

He Is Declaring Your True Reality Amidst Whirlwinds Of Stress And Anxiety!!!

By: Lana Vawser of Lana Vaswer Ministries

I had a vision where I saw many of God’s people caught in whirlwinds but these were not whirlwinds of peace or sent by the Spirit of God, these were whirlwinds that were being created by circumstances around them, the “chaos” and “busyness” and “stress” surrounding a lot of situations were attempting to bring the people of God to a place of losing their peace.

These whirlwinds were whirlwinds that were attempting to heighten anxiety and stress levels and I saw many facing intense levels of restlessness and anxiety.

As many of God’s people were in the midst of these whirlwinds surrounding them and they were crying out to the Lord, I saw Jesus appear in the middle of the whirlwind with them.

As He stood before them, He stood smiling and held their hands and spoke “Have faith, have faith in Me.” Many of God’s people were in such deep levels of anxiety they pleaded with the Lord “Look what’s going on around me? I’m so tired of this! I can’t do this anymore!”

With a look of such compassion and love, yet the look of love was beckoning them not to remain where they are in anxiety and stress, but to come up higher. There was an invitation in His eyes to step up in faith, in trust and peace knowing HE was with them in the whirlwind and all would be well, because of HIS presence with them.

I then saw Him begin to declare the opposite of what their circumstances were screaming, and declare the opposite to what the enemy and their circumstances were telling them about the ‘outcome’ of these circumstances and their ‘identity’ in them.

As He spoke the people of God looked stunned, shocked and almost bewildered. Everything He spoke was not only the complete opposite to what everything around them was screaming, He was speaking life, and hope, and calling out the gold in who they were, He was calling out IMPOSSIBLE OUTCOMES and IDENTITY over them that felt complete opposite to where they were and how they were feeling.

I watched as He continue to declare over them, over and over and over again, and as He spoke, I could hear an alignment taking place in the spirit.

The invitation then came.. “Have faith, have faith in Me. Repeat after Me. Do you believe?” He began leading the people of God in declarations over their lives, their circumstances and their identity and these declarations were POWERFUL.

He spoke again “I am calling forth the TRUE YOU, and YOUR TRUE REALITY. What you are feeling and seeing around you is NOT your true reality. What I say about you and your circumstances is your TRUE REALITY. All that is going on around you is a distraction, to distract you FROM your true reality. Focus on Me, listen to My voice, not to the sound of the thundering winds, listen to My voice and FOCUS ON ME. I am teaching you how to SLEEP IN THE STORM! I am teaching you how to SLEEP IN THE STORM!”

The people of God began to declare word for word what the Lord was speaking and a great rumbling began to take place. Hearts were coming into alignment, healing was taking place in minds, hearts and bodies and I then noticed the whirlwinds began to change.

There was a divine turnaround happening over these whirlwinds and the power of the Word of God was being demonstrated and it began to rain breakthrough and a “way through” the anxious, stressful circumstances. One major whirlwind that spread over each one of God’s people was the whirlwind of favour. The areas that had attempted to crush them in anxiety and stress, as they had aligned with Him and hearts of faith in Him and His Word, He was releasing favour over them in those very areas. There was an upgrade of favour being released that was going to see Him move in greater power by His Spirit and a new threshold crossed over by the people of God.

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