What is up with agenda of God this 2016?

What is happening in the Church?

What is God doing on His Church this year?

Locally and globally, the Church is very busy to really focus on the perspective and agenda of God. We begin to enter the building and leave without even tap into the fullness of God’s presence. We go out of the building reaching others while we haven’t yet reached our true selves.

What is the announcement all over the atmosphere of faith?

Let he who has an ear hear what the Spirit of God is announcing. There is a rippling wave of announcement going on above and beneath us. Are we aware of that?

Where is God leading us in this Shift season?

Where is God focusing us towards the future?

Is the coming generation ready to arise and take up the platforms God has set for them?

How do we get them ready for this shift?

God is into preparing the Church to embrace Bridal anointing. Coming generations are now being birthed in the spiritual womb of today’s faith. But there is a time and a season where one leaves the ground and another enters to continue the assignment. Will the Saul’s protect their positions and kill the David’s? Or will they nurture and prepare the David’s for the greater task ahead?



Hi every one! Shift Series is up in a few days. First session will cover the Shift of the Sound: Announcement and Declaration. Join us at facebook and twitter!