Shift of the Sound Messages!

God has set a time and a season for Him to move on the earth which affects the activity of men either to eat and not to eat; to laugh or to cry; to work or to rest. God has been announcing a rippling wave of declaration over this season. Have we perceive it?

What if God is on the move to shift some things in our lives and focus us for what is ahead of us?

Are we going to align on what God is doing today?

Are we really aware of what is the focus of God’s move today or are we just happy hand-clapping, mouth-shouting, and feet-stomping people inside the building singing songs to uplift our own indignation among the deteriorating society?

Are we going to watch as the world reduce the Church to just a group of crazy people, preaching and listening to crazy messages?

Where is the power of the Church today? Are we going to regain our position of authority and power in Christ?

Are we going to keep our silence and get overwhelmed by the growing crises globally?

Are we going to keep the noise among us instead of getting the true voice out of the Church?

Do we really know the purpose of God for the Church today and her tasks to be done?

Are we aiming for a change? A shift?

Hi every one! Finally its February!.. We are on the go for the Shift Series – Online Blog-based Prophetic Sessions. We will start by this week with “Announcement and Declaration” which is one of the messages on Shift of the Sound.

The photo featured is the four messages for this series.

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God bless!!!

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