Shift of the Sound: Real Praise

Blessed day every one! This is the third blog session for our Shift Series. I pray that you really enjoyed and savored the two previous blog sessions we had. However, if you have not read the previous blogs, I would really encourage you to click on them and visit them. Blog sessions on Announcement and Declaration and Reversal are very liberating for all of us.

Before anything else, let us shift ourselves from wherever situation we are in.

Declare that real praise is coming out of our situation!

I say again, real praise is coming out of our situation! Let us get into the Word today.

Psalm 64:10 (AMP)

The righteous will rejoice in the Lord and take refuge in Him;
All the upright in heart will glory and offer praise.

God is shifting the sound that is coming out from His Church. He is like “enough is enough” to that sound. The Church should not produce a noise but a voice that will pull people in to His presence. He is totally over cute praises, lifted hands half way and words strangulated from within. Church praise becomes empty more than being silent. Moreover, God is done with party praise, club praise, band praise, banging all around or even wild praise.

God is pulling out real praise from His Church. He wants real praise to resound from His Church! 

Now, in our local congregation what praise do we have for God? God is pulling out real praise because real praise can shift our situation, our circumstance, our position, our vision, our perspective.

Let us look at what happened to Paul and Silas as real praise comes out of their being.

Acts 16:22-26 (AMP)

The crowd also joined in the attack against them, and the chief magistrates tore their robes off them and ordered that Paul and Silas be beaten with rods. After striking them many times [with the rods], they threw them into prison, commanding the jailer to guard them securely. He, having received such a [strict] command, threw them into the inner prison (dungeon) and fastened their feet in the stocks [in an agonizing position].

But about midnight when Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns of praise to God, and the prisoners were listening to them; suddenly there was a great earthquake, so [powerful] that the very foundations of the prison were shaken and at once all the doors were opened and everyone’s chains were unfastened.

From these verses, Paul and Silas were abused, robes torn apart, beaten up and imprisoned. But in the midst of the darkness in the prison, they just began to praise God. And while they were singing hymns of praises, a powerful sudden earthquake shook prison cells, opened the prison doors and loosed shackles and chains.

Real Pain brings out the Real Praise in us!

Real pain in our life purges us and roots us out of ourselves. It gets rid of our focus to ourselves, And so that when we get out and praise, it will be all about God.

Real Praise is all about God!

So when people talk about how we praise God, remember it was never about you or them. It is about God. And they think we are out of our mind. But no! It is that we are only out of their mind, of their concept, of their  natural system, of their norms. And when praise just comes out of us during these times, that is real praise!

When things go wrong and pressures are all around us and we begin to praise God, that is real praise!

While Paul and Silas were praising God, the prisoners were listening to them. And we begin to bring out the real praise, people are drawn to us. Especially those who know where we came from, they begin to see the power of God as we praise Him. It is because they see us praising God in the midst of crisis, of difficulty, of trouble. That we still have the strength to praise Him. That we still have the drive to praise Him. That we still have the joy to praise Him.

Because real praise is unrehearsed!

It is a kind of response to a situation and a fruit that flows out of it. It is a release upon the trigger! We start thinking of the greatness of God in the midst our situation; His sovereignty; His grandness; His majesty; and the trigger of our praise is pulled off. A fountain of vocal adoration and hymnal songs just comes out of us!

Now among the triggers that we can pull in order to develop real praise to God is during hard times. We birth out real praise in times of pain, of trouble, of hurt, of pressure, or tears, of weepings.

Because the most real praise we can ever have comes out from our real pain!

The Church today is full of good praise and easy praise. But God is looking for real praise and real praisers. We may not know that what is really painful for us today will be a channel of our greatest and most real praise tomorrow!

Not just real pain, but we need to really have a Word from God that will lead us to a position of praise.

Real Promise brings out Real Praise!

Joshua 1:1-5 (AMP)

Now it happened after the death of Moses the servant of the Lord, that the Lord spoke to Joshua the son of Nun, Moses’ servant (attendant), saying, “Moses My servant is dead; now therefore [a]arise [to take his place], cross over this Jordan, you and all this people, into the land which I am giving to them, to the [b]sons of Israel. I have given you every place on which the sole of your foot treads, just as I promised to Moses. From the wilderness [of Arabia in the south] and this Lebanon [in the north], even as far as the great river, the river Euphrates [in the east], all the land of the Hittites (Canaan), and as far as the Great [Mediterranean] Sea toward the west shall be your territory. No man will [be able to] stand before you [to oppose you] as long as you live. Just as I was [present] with Moses, so will I be with you; I will not fail you or abandon you.

Joshua was appointed and anointed to take over the leadership over Israel as Moses died. God promised Joshua that no man shall conquer him and the Israelites as he[Joshua] lives. God will not abandon him. God will lead him to the promised land. God will be with him all throughout his journey.

Now this promise made Joshua praise God all the way to the promised land. No matter how tall was the Wall of Jericho, they praised their way through because God promised that nothing can stand in their way towards their destiny. No matter how huge the battle they are facing, they praised their way through the battle field because God promised that no man shall stand in between them and their destiny. Joshua took heed of God’s promise and praised their way all throughout their journey.

I don’t know who I am writing for but I feel God would say “Press your way through! Praise your way through! Just let the praises out!”

Press our way through the obstacles. Praise our way through the Wall of Jericho. And see every thing standing on our faces will fall down, be crushed to the ground and get flattened so that we may step over, move on and take dominion! The wall of fear is coming down! The wall of discouragement is falling to the ground! The wall of doubt, of depression, of insanity, of sickness, of oppression, of bondage is crushing its way down! It’s coming down! It’s coming down! It’s coming down! It’s coming down!!!

God is pulling them down because we start to get our real praise activated!

Now, what happens when real praise overtakes us?

Real Praise brings out Real Power!

One of the many reasons why Church is not moving in the might power of God is because real praise is not establish among us. In Paul and Silas, earthquake just hit the prison suddenly. Most of us think that it is God trying to get them out. But then think about this. God inhabits the praise of His people. The shaking was God trying to get in to their situation for habitation. And so God was just like, “who is praising me in such intensity and magnitude in this kind of situation; in this difficulty; in this trouble; in their chains and shackles?” And He begins to move. And since He is just too big for the prison, the whole place shook in the sudden move of God.

Because real praise attracts God and causes Him to move.

When we begin to really really praise God, He just pulls Himself down from His throne to intervene in our situation, in our trouble, in mess up, in our failures, in our pains, in our disasters. God enters in to our situation and points the way out. And when that happened to Paul and Silas, they are not the only ones who were liberated and freed from chains and shackles and prison cells. Every one also in the prison cells got the freedom. Prison doors were thrown open. Chains just got loosed. Shackles were just torn apart.

Because real praise brings deliverance from our situations!

Now, expect that when we had our real praise out, people around us and beside us are lifted up, delivered from their problems and oppression that torment them for days, months, or years. And we need every body in the Church to just get their real praise out every now and then because we don’t who is in bondage to be freed and oppressed to be delivered. It can bring salvation, healing, deliverance, breakthrough, liberty and freedom!

The Church is easily oppressed today by anything, everything from the world because we have not get our real praise out!

Real Praise will get God a house arrest in our Church meetings!

God just have to stay because He inhabits the praises of His people.

Now the world today is in crisis!

  • The society is in crisis!
  • The nation is in crisis!
  • The government is in crisis!
  • The education is in crisis!
  • The general health is in crisis!
  • The family unit is in crisis!

THE CHURCH IS IN CRISIS! And we have to praise our way through this!

It is time to get our praise out!

The church should start getting their voice out and praise God for real!

Get ready for our breakthrough as we get the real praise out of us! Church arise and praise God!

I hope everyone is blessed with the Word from God today! I hope to see you on the next discussion for our Shift Series… Breakthrough is here and now!