Into The New Season (Last Session For Shift Series)

Praise God everyone! We are down to our last blog session for Shift Series. The first three sessions are just as rare as a diamond so I am encouraging you to visit and taste the timely anointed messages of God for our generation. You can find Announcement and Declaration, Reversal and Real Praise from our previous blog posts here at Fire Brand.

Now, I intended to have another session after this one but, following God’s timing, we will end with this. But I am praying that we will tackle the other session in here. This will be a packed blog!

Let us get into the Word of God today.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (AMP)

There is a season (a time appointed) for everything and a time for every delight and event or purpose under heaven –

Now something that we are now aware in our generation is the teachings about purpose.

Purpose is very powerful.

When a person ingest the purpose that he has and its importance, motivation is really uprising. The drive to accomplish such is far reaching. This is why we need to focus on the purpose. And there is a definite tie or connection between the season or appointed time and its purpose.

This online ministry particularly has received the revelation for a season that we have now and that it is a season of shifting; shifting of focus, sounds and voices, offices, positions and purposes. That God will pull down one and lift up another. He has set a time for every purpose. Now man has his purpose but God’s shall stand still not bending over for man. I said, it shall stand still.

Now, when God is making a way for this season, there might have been some catastrophes that preluded it. But we should know that God is just plowing His way to open up a new season and He is still in control. He is always in control

There is no out of season in God.

Isaiah 43:19 (AMP)

“Listen carefully, I am about to do a new thing,
Now it will spring forth;
Will you not be aware of it?
I will even put a road in the wilderness,
Rivers in the desert.

There is an ushering of  a new season in God today.

We must be aware of this. As God is saying “Watch!… Because it is a new way and it is already there…” When there is a transition to a new season; a sudden shift; an instant change in the movement; we should watch on it. We should pay attention on it! Why? We might get used to what is usual and ritualistic but gets us away from God. And we start rejecting God who brings the shift. Be sure not to settle on what we have and do and where we are now because the moment we settle in our mind and in our expectation, we close ourselves to what God is bringing to us; a fresh anointing; a fresh grace; a fresh mercy; a fresh manna!

Let us open our mind to what God has to do in this season!

Why do we sometimes reject what God is bringing to us as new? Why do we close ourselves from new things God is introducing?

Because the new thing makes us uncomfortable. We feel intimidated. We feel there is a breaking in us. We feel some things do not go our way and our means. We feel quite unsure. We are not aware that it is from God. We choose to have the wilderness more than the stream of new waters pressing its way into our wilderness…

Because when God starts to pave its way through our wilderness, He has to remove some trees and weeds. He has to prune some things. He has to pull out some roots. He has to break the ground and make a path. He has to get some things, people, mindsets, emotions from our life that has made it a sort of wilderness. It caused a drying of the land. That has caused isolation of the land. That has caused barrenness of the Land.

And this whole process is very uncomfortable.

It is very disturbing on our daily routine. It will disrupt the natural flow of activities in our lives. It will disrupt the natural sequence of events in our life.



Now in the midst of struggle during the process of entering a new season, God sends a river to soften the land, to loosen the roots, to wet up the trees. That means God is with us along the way to support us in our needs, to comfort us, to give us peace under pressure. To loosen some areas in our life.

When things get rough and situations are stretching us, and events are pressuring us, because we are under the transitioning process going to our new season.

Grab a hold of God! Because we are entering a new season!

It is where God invades the wilderness in our lives! It might get itchy, it might intimidate us, it might pressure us, it might get uncomfortable. But it is God! I say it is God!

See how the birthing process feels like for a mother. There is a contraction that hurts too much; unbearable pain. Why? It is because the womb is pushing the baby to come out and it stretches the mother. Even if it hurts, but it is life that is coming out!

Oh new life is coming out of this new season!

Better life is coming up! New hope! New dreams! New course! And so God is stretching our faith to believe that what lies ahead is the best future we can ever have because God’s plan is for our good to give us a hope and a future. And that all things work together for good to those who love Him and are called to His purpose.

We are coming up! I said we are coming up!

Coming up over our struggles! Coming up over our troubles! Coming up over trials! Because time is changing and season is shifting! Whatever has locked us up before is getting loosed. The chains are breaking. The shackles are torn apart. The prison doors are thrown open! Because time is changing and season is shifting!

Declare time is changing! The season is Shifting!

Now for every season that God has, He has a purpose. God does things with purpose behind it. Now what is the purpose of this season? This season is purposed to shift our focus especially the Samuels among us to see how God is lifting up Davids from our midst.

The world is contracting so much in this season. The politics, the business, the economics the churches, nations are contracting in this season. God is about to change the leads in politics, in business, in economy, in churches and in nations. Davids are now being called to position on different sectors of the society. It is time to get the pillars back to God.

Davids will arise and take over this season.

Davids among us need to carefully tap three important elements in taking heed of the call.

Tap the right person

Samuels are being raised up to recognize, acknowledge and anoint the Davids for the position. Davids need to identify the right connection for his divine network in God. It will be a toss between the Davids who was anointed by God or the Sauls who was appointed by men. David was recognized, acknowledged and anointed by Samuel. So sad that his father’s house did not acknowledged him. He was kept, hidden and isolated in his father’s house. But the anointing reached out to him through Samuel. Are Samuels ready to hear from God and pick up the Davids among us?

Tap the right position

David’s season with bear and lion was over. He is now for the season with Goliath. Saul was not able to conquer Goliath. There are now troubles and tribulations that the Sauls of our time cannot resolve. Why? Because their season in the position is over.

The season of Sauls today in their position is over!

Just recently, God just revealed that every national election of this season is a defining moment for every nation that will affect its position, whether to be a goat nation or a sheep nation. The strategies and business plans in this season will be a backbone of the companies for the next 5 years. The policies for education in this season will affect the next generation of leaders of different sectors. The perspective of the church in this season will affect its effectiveness for the next 5 years. Because everything is being shifted.

When David took over, his position was a bull’s eye!

He stood as a king more than Saul! He carried the position of a king whose authority is purely anointed. He had a different perspective. He had a different focus. He had his eyes on the awesomeness of God. This is what will come out from this season!

Tap the right purpose

When David is called to the position by God himself, he was called for a purpose. He was called to bring back the order of God on the kingdom of Israel. He was called to bring back the order of worship, leadership and relationship back to God. He did not realize it back then but he had it in him as a man after God’s own heart.

The world is in total chaos but God is still in control. Everything is out of divine order. And God is calling out the Davids to position and bring back the order of God on every sector of society.

As this series is ending but not yet the season.

And I prophesy that the Samuels will move and be guided by the Spirit of God to recognize, acknowledge and anoint the Davids. The churches where the Samuels are housed will be anointed with influence to every sector of the society. The churches will develop the audacity in the authority God has given to proclaim His Word. The Davids will hear the call of God and arise among us! Your days with the bear and lion is over. And you are to conquer now every Goliath! Fear will not overcome the faith that God has developed in you during your season with bear and lion. But you will overcome fear with faith! You will get into your divine network and be positioned in God to fulfill His purpose through you in this season! You will be a vessel to bring the order of God back into the position He is placing you. For once you will sit on that position, people will begin to see that a shift has come before their eyes. But you will lead them back to God! 

Praise God!

Now the world today is in crisis!

  • The society is in crisis!
  • The nation is in crisis!
  • The government is in crisis!
  • The education is in crisis!
  • The general health is in crisis!
  • The family unit is in crisis!

It is a high time for David to arise and get the order of God back into the systems and kingdoms of man!

This is the end of our Shift Series! Thank you for supporting us as we discover what God has to say in this season. May God multiply His blessings of peace, joy and prosperity upon you and your household! Shalom every one!

Continue to connect with us!