Prophetic Decree For This Year And Beyond For The Nations

By Eunice Bennett of Eunice Bennett Ministries

This is a totally different declaration. Guaranteed!


A year that we are going to see that legislations created from the basement of hell and thrown to the people of the nations will backfire to the authors. Evil legislators will not be re-elected and their positions will be filled up by the righteous.

A year that dictators will be exposed in their legislative conspiracy, adultery, molestations, homosexuality and domestic violence. Their constituents will loathe them and ax them out of their positions to replace them with morally upright public officials.

A year that the bribery and the bribed will be exposed and brought to justice. Justice will be expeditious and the necessary jail time will be delivered.

A year that corruption in the executive offices will be exposed and litigated not just by the media on TV, paper, online or Facebook, but by the justice department.

A year where the voices of the Deborah`s will arise to bring to court imbecile public officials who had stolen, plundered, diverted funds from the treasury of the government for their personal gain. They who had created laws in order to protect their stolen wealth from taxation, location and summon of the succeeding righteous administration will be exposed with their pants down. The exposure will lead to a lawsuit, incrimination and a guilty verdict!

A year that evil legislations from previous administrations will be deliberated on, revoked and annulled. It will be replaced by righteous laws that will restore confidence to the people. A year of realization that a righteous government is possible and attainable in the day and age of moral decline.

A year that those who were killed, murdered, conspired at, sent to jail in the name of protecting “national security interest” will get justice and recompensation for their families over their death. A year of freedom from prison to those that are victims of government officials political and personal insecurities, tyrannies and delusions.

A year to expose the desperation of politicians to keep themselves in power by allowing unbridled Muslim immigration. A year that the motives behind the loosed immigration policies will be exposed. That the bottom line of their agenda in immigration absorption is actually recruitment and membership to their political bloc, not because they are concerned of the plight of the immigrants among them.

A year that the people will realize that the politicians are playing on their immigration status, sexuality status, civil status, economic status, education status in order to get their vote and loyalty. We will see a year that constituents will get wiser and sharper in discerning the motives of those who try to govern them. They will not be easily deceived anymore!

A year that the you and I will discern the lies of the media, the manipulation of the media and junk journalism written from the biases of the author that spew divide and hostility, domestically and abroad. A year that you will not be dissuaded by what you read but you will listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit inside of you on whom to vote.

A year that voices of truth will break out from anywhere. It will break out at the classroom, during coffee breaks at the offices, at the bus and train commutes, at the pulpits, at the social media, and even at sporadic conversations in dental offices, emergency rooms and billing departments. The spirit of truth will be poured out anywhere and everywhere. It will find willing vessels and unmuted tongues to speak and to discuss. It is coming..!

A year that the fearful will no longer be afraid to speak . The “I careless” attitude will break out. Truth will not be held back anymore.

A year that the anointing to the truth-teller will be magnified twice better than in the past. The anointed will not just walk into their destiny but they will run in this season in order to crush the flood of lies that are crashing the face of the earth.

The year that the voice of the prophets and the up and coming prophetic voices will become more daring and louder. Darkness is all over! The power and the truth coming out of these voices will be louder and needed. Light will come because they are bold and confident!

The year that nations will elect presidents that will NOT breastfeed the Islamic religion.

A year that the nations will possess an understanding on who are the personalities and presidential candidates that are the petri dishes of Islamic ideologies. They will choose a leader that will work against the tide of violence coming out of the extremist Islamic group.

A year that the Body of Christ will listen to the prophet`s voice as their “media” that will bring them to a foundation of righteousness and justice, and not the media that sways them to a partisan vote.

A year that your love for God will grow because nations are now evolving to become willing tongues, an embodiment of truth that needs to be heard and shared.

A year that the devil will wonder why he was so exposed with a mighty blow when in the preceding years he was totally covered. The conversation in hell was, “how did I blow up my cover?”

A year that the coward rebukes his fear and receives a new dose of the wine of courage to walk in the company of the bold, truth-teller in the anointing of the Holy Spirit!

A year that the prophetic community will become tired of pathetic prophecies that only blesses those that are new entrants in the Kingdom of God, but has no sting to fire up a generation to become apostolic voices and personalities.

A year that your eyes will be opened to track on where your nation would be when 2016 will end 365 days from now. Did it manifest this prophetic decree or your nation chose to remain in a state of apathy?

A year that when the truth is heard, people are empowered and emboldened to walk in righteousness, do what is right and rise up to their calling!

A year that you will understand that Exposure means two things: humiliation to the exposed but deliverance to the deceived and oppressed!

Glory to God! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone..!

I can go on and on. But wait, you need to Share this and shout to the roof top! You belong to the blessed generation that witnesses the rising of so many prophetic voices that are fearless of what men will say and what men will do! Because of HIM…the Lord Jesus Christ!