Miriam: Now and Then

We at Fire Brand are flowing unto what God is revealing to us personally and corporately. For any reaction, bring it in prayer and intercession.

This is a short research on Miriam Defensor Santiago as one who was impressed to me by the Holy Spirit to be watched and prayed over.

Miriam Defensor Santiago –

In 1998, she was one of the courageous senators who put up series of bills, specifically Senate Bill No. 1117 (11th Congress [1]) proposing the amendment of the Family Code of the Philippine to explicitly exclude same-sex marriages. [2]

She stood and still standing on the belief that “marriage is a union founded on the distinction of sex. That contracting parties must be of different sex is, in fact, a requirement under the provisions on legal capacity.” [7]

Again with growth of pressures regarding same sex marriages outside the country, she authored another Senate Bill No. 1276 in 2004 (13th Congress [3]) to clear the misleading presumptions on The Family Codeand bar the threat of same sex marriages within and outside the country.

Again in 2007, still she fights for the righteous marriage as ordained by God in Genesis between Adam and Eve by filing another bill, Senate Bill No. 1282 (14th Congress [4]).

In July 2014, she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. There was a prophecy released twice in a row (2012 and 2014) [6] about having “Presidents” from Iloilo. A year after the prophecy was July 2014, Miriam announced she beats cancer miraculously and will run for president on 2016 presidential election. [5]

This was all before Obama legalized same sex marriage. With this, I am convinced by the impression of the Holy Spirit to pray for and watch over Miriam as she is the only presidentiable who explicitly stands against same sex marriage with no BUT’s and IF’s. I can see that she was overtaken by God’s prophetic insight long before the same sex marriage was accepted legally by the international stage.

blessings - Nile



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