The Prophetic Power of Spoken Blessing

By Helen Calder of Enliven Blog and a member of David McCracken Ministries

Blessing is life giving and has creative power. (Num 6:22-27, Prov 18:21) I feel strongly that speaking and declaring blessing is on the Father’s agenda right now.

Spoken blessing is significant throughout Scripture.

The first words God spoke over Adam and Eve were words of blessing. (Gen 1:27-29) The last words Jesus spoke over the assembled group of disciples as He was ascending to Heaven were word of blessing. (Luke 24:50-52) Jesus taught His followers to bless, and He continually demonstrated it.

The world around us views blessing as an occasional happy event. [1] However, the truth is, that in Christ you are already blessed and always blessed. (Eph 1:3) Jesus is the source of your personal blessing and through Him you have the ability to bless others.

Here are 5 powerful truths about blessing, along with some practical tips to help you put it into practice:

1. Blessing is Prophetic

When you bless in accordance with the Father’s intent and purpose, your blessing is prophetic.

One of the NT Greek words for blessing is ‘eulogeo’, which means, ‘to speak well of.’ Today, we speak a ‘eulogy’ as we reflect positively on someone’s past life and achievements. A eulogy is frequently used in the context of a funeral or memorial service.

However the Father speaks His word of blessing ahead of time, speaking forward, and that blessing has the power to bring His intentions to pass.

In our culture today, people are more likely to complain, speak negatively and criticise, than to bless. People are more likely to forecast harm than prophesy good.

Because of this, speaking and praying words of blessing may seem unnatural for us at first. However, it is time to align our words and our lifestyle with the Kingdom of God.

2. Blessing Carries an Impartation

“So they will put my name on the Israelites, and I will bless them.” (Numbers 6:27)

God instructed His priests to speak a blessing over God’s people. (Num 6:22-27) As they spoke the blessing, something tangible was being imparted to the people, and God followed the words to bring about His blessing.

‘Peace’, or ‘Peace be with you’ was (and continues to be) a common greeting in Jewish culture. Jesus told His disciples that something tangible was released when they spoke a word of ‘peace’ upon households they entered. (Luke 10:5, Matt 10:12)

The fuller meaning of the Hebrew word for peace, ‘shalom’ includes peace, wholeness, wellness, and prosperity. [2]

This teaches us something about Kingdom culture. You too have the ability to bless, and to release the ‘shalom’ of God—something tangible imparted by the Holy Spirit.

Power follows your words. Are your words empowering the move of the Holy Spirit?

3. Blessing is Powerful in Times of Opposition

Blessing is powerful to cut through the plans and strategies of the enemy. Life-giving words, sourced in the Father’s heart, break the power of cursing and negativity. (Prov 18:21)

Jesus teaches us to bless our enemies. (Matt 6) He teaches us when in the trial, to move in the opposite spirit of what is taking place. Blessing releases the power of God when we are undergoing opposition from others to God’s purposes in our lives.

4. Blessing Flows out of an Abundance Mindset

We often pray, ‘Lord bless so and so’ but have lost the real meaning and power of blessing. We have reduced blessing to a wish, something we can hope and pray for.

However, the Kingdom mindset is one of plenty and abundance.

In the context of prayer, blessing requires a shift of perspective. We are not praying for something, we are praying with something.

Jesus said, ‘Freely you have received, freely give.’ (Matt 10:8b)

You are empowered to bless others, as you comprehend the abundance that you have received from God and that you have access to. You carry something that you can give away!

Blessing is an act of faith. (Heb 11:20-21)

5. Blessing is an Honour of Leaders

Those of us who are parents and leaders have a special mandate from God to bless our children, as well as those we lead and serve. The Scripture is full of examples of fathers and leaders who blessed.

Blessing was part of the priestly function in the OT and today in God’s Kingdom we are all ‘priests’ (1 Pet 2:9, Rev 1:6) and God’s sons and daughters, with the ability to bless.

How to Speak or Pray Blessing

It is one thing to be convinced that blessing is powerful, and quite another to know how to put it into practice! Of course, the main key is to be led of the Holy Spirit. Remember that the source of prophetic blessing is your intimate relationship with God. Be open to different ways that the Holy Spirit may lead you to either pray blessing, or to speak and release it.

Here are some thoughts to help you get started:

  • There are some blessings in Scripture that you can use and adapt. Examples are found in Numbers 6:22-27, Deut 28:3-13, Phil 1:2, Gen 49:22, Matt 5:3-12.
  • You can also use Bible verses as a personalised blessing. There are many promises in Scripture you can turn into a word of blessing as the Spirit leads. See How to use Scripture as a Prophetic Declaration
  • There are many different ways you can begin a blessing, such as, ‘In Jesus’ Name I bless you to… or ‘May you be blessed in / with…in Jesus’ Name’ Or a declaration of ‘You are blessed to be / do / with…’ or simply to speak the release of something by faith (you don’t need to use the word blessing).
  • Scripture also provides a rich resource of the types of blessing that you can pray and impart, such as favour, wholeness, healing, fullness, fruitfulness, prosperity, protection, relationship with God, grace, peace, etc.


[1] See the article, 3 Mistaken Beliefs About Blessing

[2] See the Strongs definition for shalom, H7965
The equivalent Greek word used for peace is eirene (Strongs G1515) and speaks of harmony, tranquility and the rest that comes from salvation.

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