Praying For All Lord’s People

Hi everyone!

This is a blog intended to extend the need of a young boy whose name is Olsen Togonon Soqueña from the Philippines. We received a special request from him for prayers and other resources if available. Here is his request.

Hello ,

I am raising up money to buy an instrument , called the SHOFAR! God blessed me with this extraordinary gift.. As I blow this instrument I could sense the special annointing of God.

The price is 11,500

Daku gd ni siya para sa akon .. (This is too big for me ..)
Tani mabuligan niyo ko !  (I hope you can help me !)

SHALOM  and God bless
James 2:17
So also faith by itself , if it does not have works is Dead

Olsen Request For Prayers and Resources

(The image above was taken from his post on facebook. But unfortunately for unknown reason, it may not be available for viewing as of this moment.)

He is one of the shofar blowers in the worship and prayer meetings of God’s people in Iloilo, Philippines. You may contact him through Facebook. Or follow the link below.

With this, we want to ask you to partner with us in praying for the need of a young boy. We still believe that a fervent prayer in agreement of believers is very powerful to bring God’s will on earth as it is in heaven!

Thank you and God bless His people!

blessings - Nile

To learn God’s biblical way of prayer, you can visit the featured Prayer School by Generals International. Or follow this link,