Bumping a Gossip?

By Eunice Bennett of Eunice Bennett Ministries

Bumping a Gossip
The ideal move:
Glory to glory!
Bad move:
Gossip to gossip!


Stay away from people that gossip others, malign others, character assassinate others in order to promote themselves, promote their interests, promote their ministry, or advance their influence on you.

A gossip looked at you as a territory that needs to be won! Gossip brainwashed.

The Word of God however, renews.

In a gossip, you will feel dirty after listening.
You will feel strangulated.
You will feel grieved!
It will unsettle you!
Gossip invites darkness.

With the Word of God however, you are either cleansed, empowered, illumined, rooted and enlivened!

Gossip can spread about another worker, about an office mate, about a classmate, about a friend or another minister.

  • A gossip (the person this time), will strengthen itself by the bad news and mishap of other people.
  • A gossip will use that information to validate himself, sound right and upright to other people but refusing to address his own personal issues.
  • A gossip is flawed in character.
    He is an insecure person that needs acceptance and validation.
  • A gossip lacks substance.
    He will use gossip to fill up the void of his own soul and spirit.
  • A gossip does not have spiritual discipline.
  • A gossip feels like he has an information or a “scoop” so you better listen.
    But once dug upon, the gossip is exposed as nothing but someone who has no sense of worth!

His stories are full of allegations, exaggerations, misinterpretations, illegitimate references, in short – lies!

  • If you fell in the hand of a gossip, sever the relationship.
  • If the gossip is a classmate, an office mate or co-worker, confront the person.
  • If the gossip is your pastor, it is time to move to another church.
  • If the gossip is your employer, confront the issue, verify and clarify, and start looking around for a new boss.
  • If the gossip is you, it is time to put the coals of fire in your mouth so you can stop!

Start talking a sanctified conversation and manifest a holy life today!

The Bible has this to say:

“Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets; therefore do not associate with a simple babbler. “(Proverbs 20:19)

The gossip will say: this story is only between the two of us..!

This blog however is spreadable. Spread it around so the gossip will stop..!