Sailing the Waves

This short blog is to release what God has shown me during a short trip to Sand Bar Island, Concepcion, an island in the northern part of Iloilo, Philippines.

I was blessed to enjoy a short vacation with Dlinkers and Unlideals Family last May 13-14, 2016 at Concepcion, Iloilo. It was an amazing trip with so much fun. We had our water splashes on the first day at Sand Bar Island and a long exciting road trip the following morning.

But reality hit us back as we prepared to go back to Iloilo City after lunch on the second day. Nevertheless, it was a memorable trip worth cherishing. But nothing can be more exciting when God begins to talk along the fun moments of life and reveal Himself.

After a long fun under the sun at Sand Bar Island on the first day, God began to speak as we sailed our way back to the mainland. There was a familiar still small voice of God that spoke some truth.

Sitting in a pump boat, God began to shift my attention to other boats who are sailing along side with us. He started planting His thoughts in my spirit.

“Do you know why you cannot see any boat sailing to overtake another even if there are no guide just like a road line? Because they are not focused on where they are sailing. The person who steers the boat is fixed to reach the shore of the mainland. They are not distracted with the sizes and magnitude of waves hitting them back and forth. They are not focused to speed up to be the first boat to land on the shore lines. Rather, they are focused to finish their sail and safely get the passengers to the shore.”

I was sitting amazed receiving such revelation. And God continued His thoughts.

“Just like a person’s life, do not focus on the magnitude of hardships; the ups and downs. But fixed your eyes on the purposed I have ordained over you. There is a destiny that you have to see far off while you sail the waves of life. Sometimes, the enemy will try hard to distract your focus. But keep your eyes on the shore. One day, you will get your feet on the sands of your destiny and you will walk on them. Do not be intimidated with all other people in their own sails. Focus and finish your sail. Because I am with you as you sail the huge waves. Remember, how I walked My way through a storm just to be with My disciples? I am also making My way through the storms that hit you as you sail to your destiny. Focus and fix your eyes on Me and My purpose for you. You shall have your feet on the shore of your destiny.”

This was really an impact to all of us who are overwhelmed with huge waves of life. But God is with us! Keep the faith and sail our way through the waves til we reach the shore of our destiny.

God has his own way of walking through the stormy seas of our life to get to our situations. (Matthew 14:22-29)

Photograph by:
Cris Antonio

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