An Encounter with Jesus Concerning The USA Election and Trump


Recently I had an encounter with the Lord where He showed me an assignment of the enemy that is about to be released into the body of Christ in the United States of America regarding the US election that is about to take place in a little over a month.

Before I share this encounter with you, I want to state this and make it clear that since I felt the Lord speak of Donald Trump in this encounter, firstly I am not releasing this word from any “political standpoint” of reviewing any policies or agendas. I am simply releasing this word from an encounter that I had with the Lord and felt a strong urgency to release it.

Secondly considering the video released yesterday from 2005, I want to say firstly that the Lord DOES NOT condone sin, and by releasing this encounter I am not condoning Donald’s past actions, but felt an urgency to publish this encounter as a warning to the body of Christ.

As I pondered this encounter in light of yesterday’s video, I felt a stirring from the Lord to not focus on the past but what God is saying TODAY in THIS SEASON right now.

I was standing in what looked like a “commission room” in hell and so much darkness around. I saw the enemy and he was about to release a horde of demons upon the earth into the United States with a specific target against believers.

What I noticed about these demonic spirits was that they had blindfolds in their hands and they were ready to “move”.

I asked Jesus what these demonic spirits were and he said that they were “spirits of deception”.

I then heard… “My people that are not pressing in for discernment, to hear My heart concerning the US election and who I have anointed for the next Presidential Term, will be brought to a place right now in this season where they will be blinded by deception. This army that is about to be released into the body of Christ in the USA are coming to blind people to the truth that I have anointed Donald Trump and Mike Pence and the people of God need to hear this so that they keep pressing in for discernment despite what the media and the ‘natural world’ says. Things are going to continue to escalate and pressure intensify to push Donald Trump out, but My people need to take their place and stand with Me to see My purposes come to fruition.”

The sense surrounded me that this is a very strategic moment, a time of urgency and a time to pray even more fervently. The sense of ‘laying down agenda(s) and simply seeking the heart of God for this new season for the nation of America that is approaching.

I felt this reminder from the Lord to His people in the USA to be praying for discernment right now and to lift their eyes up higher. Place not your eyes on ‘media’ or the ‘natural’ but really continue seeking His heart. I felt such a strong sense of an ‘increase in onslaught’ in this US election in this “last leg”, and God’s people are going to need eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying more than ever before.

As I have sat with the Lord on this word, I have felt the Lord’s heart for His people to not get “caught up” in what is going on in the “natural”.

The very heart of this word ultimately was I felt a call from the Lord for His people to “come up higher”. To not be bound up by what is being reported or what is not being reported. The fate of a nation does not hang on MAN, it’s in the hand of the Lord and the ONUS is on the Church right now.

I believe Jesus is calling His people in light of everything going on in this messy situation in the USA with Clinton and Trump, to seek His heart above ALL ELSE.

Put your hope in Jesus. To cry out for the Lord to bring a cleansing and a turning in this nation. To really individually continue to seek out the heart of God and ask the Spirit of God to give eye salve so there may be clear spiritual sight regarding this election and the destiny of the USA.

“Also buy white garments from me so you will not be shamed by your nakedness, and ointment for your eyes so you will be able to see” ~ Revelation 3:18

This is not just about Donald Trump/Mike Pence, this is about the destiny and the fate of the United States of America. The Lord sees BEYOND today, and it’s time to really seek His heart and His ways.

This is really a time of repentance for America and calling forth the plans and purposes of God in the nation and a surrendering of agendas to align with His ways, even when we don’t understand. It’s time to stand in the gap more than ever before for a move of God in the nation. I felt that this is a very strategic moment right now, the fate and destiny of the nation hangs in the balance.

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I Am Unblocking The Arteries To The Heart Of The United States Of America

By: Lana Vawser of Lana Vawser Ministry

This morning during prayer, I had a vision where I saw a physical heart with arteries and I felt the Lord speak that this was the heart of the United States. As I looked at this heart, I felt the Lord highlighting the “arteries” of the heart.

As I looked closer at these arteries I saw that there were ‘blockages’ of the arteries. The arteries were clogged and blocked, they were blocked with things that were welcomed and feasted upon in this nation, even from it’ s very roots, that had ‘taken hold’ over generations and had caused such a blockage that was putting tremendous pressure on the heart. The heart was weary, the heart was heavy and the heart was working overtime under all these blockages and pressure to continue to bring life and blood flow to the heart.

As I am watching this, I then begin to hear the cries of the saints all around the nation and other nations, crying out in one accord for the heart of the United States to be set free and revived. As the people of God are praying and crying out, I see hundreds upon hundreds of angelic hosts being released from heaven on the command of the Lord, and they were heading straight towards these arteries. As they are moving with intention and conviction of their assignment to the arteries, I realise that they are moving in the stream of the Spirit and on the prayers of the saints that have been praying the heart of God into the nation. I then assume that the angels were coming with an assignment by the Spirit of God to perform a bypass, when the Lord speaks to me and says “NO, it’s COMPLETELY NEW”.

“Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland. (Isaiah 43:19)

I am surrounded by the truth of Isaiah 43:19 that the Lord is about to do something completely new, He wasn’t going to ‘leave the hindrances and blockages there’ but He was not only going to REMOVE THEM but bring something forth that was COMPLETELY NEW.

Instantly, I saw the angelic hosts land on the arteries of the heart and the prayers of the saints got louder and louder. In the spirit despite what was going on ‘in the natural’ and the ‘blockages’ that could be seen in the arteries of the heart, they were being taken to a higher reality. The Lord was bringing a promotion of SIGHT and INSIGHT into the heart of the nation to begin to see ANSWERS and WAYS to see the blockages not only removed, but completely new arteries (pathways for breakthrough and awakening) restored to the heart of the nation. The atmosphere was pregnant with the expectation that even though deep darkness surrounded, God was about to do something spectacularly new.

As the angelic hosts placed their hands on the arteries of the heart, the wind of the Spirit blew MIGHTLY and suddenly the arteries of the heart began to TRANSFORM. They were changed to SCROLLS. A miraculous replacement was taking place.

As the people of God pray, the SCROLLS ARE ABOUT TO UNFOLD!

The Lord was releasing STRATEGIC keys, insight and revelation into … things:

1. The VERY AREAS where there were blockages in the nation, strategic revelation and keys not only how to see them unlodged but UNLOCKED and completely transformed. There would be a great unlocking of revelation released to the people of God of how to pray and what to do in order to see these “pathways of breakthrough” established.

2. Seven Mountains – I saw strategic revelation released into those positioned in the seven mountains of society being handed SCROLLS OF PROMOTION. These scrolls were an UPGRADE of INSIGHT, WISDOM, STRATEGY AND IMPLEMENTATION to see breakthrough and a mighty move of God bringing greater transformational shifts in the mountains in the United States. There is a greater flourishing of the gifts of the Spirit in operation from the place of deep love that is going to begin to burst forth some of the greatest, freshest and most ripe fruit in the seven mountains in the United States that has ever been seen before. I saw the fruit exploding in the seven mountains on such an exponential scale, there were HUGE banqueting tables being set up all throughout the USA in the seven mountains where MANY were coming from near and far and eating of the LIFE, LOVE and GOODNESS of the heart of God that was being extended and multiplied in greater ways. “Taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8) There is a greater shaking and shifting taking place and going to take place in a greater ways in the seven mountains that is going to reveal the Glory and goodness of God that we have ever seen. A movement to bring greater Kingdom shifts in culture. Kings and Queens being positioned for greater encounters with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords as this expansion of the seven mountains takes place in a greater way.

I then heard the words “SOVEREIGN MOVE, SOVEREIGN MOVE, STRATEGIC MOVE, STRATEGIC MOVE”. Despite the darkness, despite previous blockages, despite generational hindrances, the Lord is calling His people into the seven mountains, into the marketplace, rooted in love and leaning on His chest, following the prompting of His Spirit because the ‘harvest is ripe’. The ‘harvest is ripe’, there is a great harvest that is about to begin to explode in greater ways in the seven mountains of culture in the United States that has never seen before. Mountains that haven’t been influenced, the Lord is about to open greater doorways, mountains that has been grounded and rooted in seemingly impossibility, the Lord is about to begin to manifest “NEW WAYS” and “MAKE WAYS” where there seems to be no way.

I then hear the words “THE SEVEN MOUNTAINS WILL BRING LIFE TO THE HEART”. The move of God that is about to happen in a greater way in and through the SEVEN MOUNTAINS in the United States of America is CRUCIAL to bringing life to the heart.

Now is not the time to look around at what is going on in the ‘natural’ and be discouraged. Now is the time to look to Him with a greater focus as heaven’s strategies are about to reign in new and fresh ways to see the Kingdom of God extended. The Lord is breaking His people out of the “box of the church” and beginning to expand vision like never before. From being just ‘church minded’ to ‘culture minded’/’city minded’ across the United States of America as a whole. Instead of “pockets” of believers believing for cities etc, there is a NATIONAL MOVE of His Spirit awakening His people to the TRANSFORMATIONAL KEYS of culture.

I have said this in the previous two words the Lord has had me release lately for the United States, that He is going after the heart of the United States, and this is a crucial moment for the heart of the United States and YOU have a part to play. Now is the time to dig your heels in and see the Lord birth through you what He wants to release into this nation. Now is not the time to give up, now is the time to STAND UP.

AS the people of God are positioning themselves and RECEIVING the scrolls of REVELATION for the NATION that the Lord is releasing, I saw BLOOD FLOW coming back to the heart of the United States in new ways. The Lord is going to be using new ‘avenues’ and completely new ‘pathways’ to bring life back to the heart of the nation. The areas where there have been blockages and the words have been spoken that they will NEVER move, the Lord is going after the IMPOSSIBLE BLOCKAGES in the heart of the nation, AS His people RISE AND SHINE. It is time to raise your voice, raise your sword for there is a supernatural downpour of revelatory increase that the Lord is releasing that is going to bring BLOOD FLOW back to the heart.

I saw the blood of Jesus, as the people of God prayed, washing through the nation. There is a cleansing, a purifying, a healing that the Lord is wanting to release through greater revelation in the body of Christ in the United States on the POWER OF THE BLOOD. The POWER of the blood of JESUS TO OVERCOME!!!!!!!!

As I am watching this happen, I am seeing people in homes, churches, on the streets, in the marketplace, pleading the blood of Jesus over places and taking communion. An awakening of the atonement that we have received in Christ was happening in the hearts of believers that was then affecting HOW they minister and pray and believe for the nation. The Lord was burning greater conviction of the power of the blood and resurrection power. DRY BONES are going to COME ALIVE in the United States of America. You haven’t been declaring and praying and contending for nothing. DRY BONES ARE GOING TO COME ALIVE! The blood of Jesus is being released upon the dead, dry ground and there will be LIFE that will manifest. Signs of life! Signs of life! Signs of life!

The Lord is wanting to bring a purification to the heart of the United States of America. Oxygen (the breath of God), blood flow (life) and supernatural removal of these blockages to usher in transformational moves of the Holy Spirit.

As life comes back to the heart, the Lord is opening NEW DOORS! New doors to bring life back to the heart and YOU have a part to play! Doors of destiny, revival and restoration are opening up TO the heart of the nation and then FROM the heart of the nation.

It’s TIME! It’s TIME! It’s TIME!

Have Faith!

He Is Declaring Your True Reality Amidst Whirlwinds Of Stress And Anxiety!!!

By: Lana Vawser of Lana Vaswer Ministries

I had a vision where I saw many of God’s people caught in whirlwinds but these were not whirlwinds of peace or sent by the Spirit of God, these were whirlwinds that were being created by circumstances around them, the “chaos” and “busyness” and “stress” surrounding a lot of situations were attempting to bring the people of God to a place of losing their peace.

These whirlwinds were whirlwinds that were attempting to heighten anxiety and stress levels and I saw many facing intense levels of restlessness and anxiety.

As many of God’s people were in the midst of these whirlwinds surrounding them and they were crying out to the Lord, I saw Jesus appear in the middle of the whirlwind with them.

As He stood before them, He stood smiling and held their hands and spoke “Have faith, have faith in Me.” Many of God’s people were in such deep levels of anxiety they pleaded with the Lord “Look what’s going on around me? I’m so tired of this! I can’t do this anymore!”

With a look of such compassion and love, yet the look of love was beckoning them not to remain where they are in anxiety and stress, but to come up higher. There was an invitation in His eyes to step up in faith, in trust and peace knowing HE was with them in the whirlwind and all would be well, because of HIS presence with them.

I then saw Him begin to declare the opposite of what their circumstances were screaming, and declare the opposite to what the enemy and their circumstances were telling them about the ‘outcome’ of these circumstances and their ‘identity’ in them.

As He spoke the people of God looked stunned, shocked and almost bewildered. Everything He spoke was not only the complete opposite to what everything around them was screaming, He was speaking life, and hope, and calling out the gold in who they were, He was calling out IMPOSSIBLE OUTCOMES and IDENTITY over them that felt complete opposite to where they were and how they were feeling.

I watched as He continue to declare over them, over and over and over again, and as He spoke, I could hear an alignment taking place in the spirit.

The invitation then came.. “Have faith, have faith in Me. Repeat after Me. Do you believe?” He began leading the people of God in declarations over their lives, their circumstances and their identity and these declarations were POWERFUL.

He spoke again “I am calling forth the TRUE YOU, and YOUR TRUE REALITY. What you are feeling and seeing around you is NOT your true reality. What I say about you and your circumstances is your TRUE REALITY. All that is going on around you is a distraction, to distract you FROM your true reality. Focus on Me, listen to My voice, not to the sound of the thundering winds, listen to My voice and FOCUS ON ME. I am teaching you how to SLEEP IN THE STORM! I am teaching you how to SLEEP IN THE STORM!”

The people of God began to declare word for word what the Lord was speaking and a great rumbling began to take place. Hearts were coming into alignment, healing was taking place in minds, hearts and bodies and I then noticed the whirlwinds began to change.

There was a divine turnaround happening over these whirlwinds and the power of the Word of God was being demonstrated and it began to rain breakthrough and a “way through” the anxious, stressful circumstances. One major whirlwind that spread over each one of God’s people was the whirlwind of favour. The areas that had attempted to crush them in anxiety and stress, as they had aligned with Him and hearts of faith in Him and His Word, He was releasing favour over them in those very areas. There was an upgrade of favour being released that was going to see Him move in greater power by His Spirit and a new threshold crossed over by the people of God.

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2 Parallel Messages Over America

This post has no political agenda. I just compiled revelations of two different ministers from two different places regarding America. For any reaction, go into prayer and intercession.

Dream Regarding United States Election – Call to Prayer!

By Lana Vawser of Lana Vawser Ministries, Posted October 11, 2015

Firstly, I want to preface this word by saying that I do not have a political agenda for the United States of America. I am simply one person in Australia who has a huge heart of love for this beautiful nation and to see the destiny of the United States established and the Kingdom of God extended, releasing a huge wave of revelation of His goodness and love. I also want to say that I do not base what I am about to share on any ‘policies’ that I have heard, but simply what I believe the Lord revealed to me in a dream concerning the candidates. This word is not in any way to ‘sway’ anyone in their political views, but simply to release a revelation from the Lord that I believe needs to be covered in prayer. 

I had a dream recently where I was in a political arena and I saw Donald Trump and he was passionately putting forward his policies. In this dream I could not “hear” what he was saying, I just remember seeing him speaking with great passion.

Suddenly, I was lifted above the United States of America and I saw the nation as if I was looking at a map. Written across the United States of America was the word “TRUMP” in big letters.

As I looked at this word suddenly the letters began to rearrange and the word went from “TRUMP” to “TRIUMPH”.

I then heard the Lord speak loudly in my dream “TRUMP SHALL LEAD THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INTO TRIUMPH!!!”

As I was waking up out of the dream I heard the words “TRUMP SHALL LEAD THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INTO VICTORY!!!”

As I came to the end of typing this dream I heard the words “Angels of triumph have been assigned to Trump.”

I believe the Lord is inviting us to seek His heart and to partner with Him in prayer to see the United States of America brought back into a place of godly victory and triumph in whichever way that manifests.

I am simply releasing that which was released to me.

Standing with you in prayer my friends in the United States of America,

Lana Vawser

Over the past 24 hours I have received lots of messages and comments, sadly many sent with great verbal attack, concerning the dream I released about Donald Trump and I feel I need to clarify something. 

Many have interpreted this dream as the Lord telling me that Donald Trump would be the next President. I have not said that but I do believe the Lord IS using Donald Trump in this season. 

I simply released that which was given to me so the people of God can pray and continue to seek His heart for their nation. 

The Lord’s heart is for His victory and triumph to be seen in the United States and whatever way that “manifests” or “whoever” He uses, I believe the Lord is wanting His people to seek Him with an open heart. 

I continue to stand with you my friends in the United States of America. My prayer is that the Lord’s will would be done and that the United States would be brought to a place of God given destiny as the body of Christ in the United States of America rises up in seeking His heart, moving in love and honour, and shining bright with the Glory of God that even where there has been great darkness, the breakthrough of His light, glory and beautiful Kingdom extended through His people. 


Lana Vawser

America: The Ring Of Fire

By Eunice Bennett Of Eunice Bennett Ministries, Posted October 25, 2015

Last month, I entered into prayer to prepare myself to pray for Brazil. I was about to fly in two days. Two hours later, I planned to pray for Ted Cruz, one of GOP`S presidential candidate. Even before I started speaking a word of intercession for Ted Cruz, the Lord showed me Donald Trump. Donald Trump was surrounded with a hedge – it is a ring of fire! The Lord said, “Step back. Do not pray against the man. It will consume you!”

My first reaction when I saw the ring of fire was, “Lord, I am not the one who placed that on him!” It is not that the Lord is faulting me that Donald Trump has a ring of fire, but in my mind, I knew how to put that on a person. However, this time, that ring of fire is not coming from my impartation! I did not pray for Ted Cruz anymore after seeing that but instead I began to muse on who placed that ring of fire to Donald.

Several days later, I saw a video posted on Facebook. I saw Paula White and many other ministers praying for Donald Trump in his office in New York City. Although I could not make out what they are praying, yet it comforted me in knowing that one of them placed that hedge on him.

After that vision was shown me, I could not stir myself praying for other candidates that I knew were more righteous than Donald. The vision of the ring of fire kept on coming back to me. I was even wondering on why the Lord hedged him that much. My personal conviction before that vision was many others are more capable of running America as a president than him. Yet, when I start to argue that with the Lord, I would remember His instruction to “Step back and do not pray against him!”

When I came back from Brazil the first day of this month, I made a commitment to God to pray for the upcoming general election of United States coming up next year, November 2016 every night at 11 pm. The Lord made me understood that two months before the election praying is already too late. There are things that needs to explode and be exposed between now and then, that starting early is essential to rescue America from turning sharp Left. “Sharp Left” was the word used by the Lord to describe where America`s destruction will be coming from . If you want to know more about the Sharp Left revelation, archive it here at my Wall concerning the Plane AMERICA: A Vision Of The Night dream that God gave me last August.

I want everyone to know that this ministry is aligning ourselves to the vision that God gave us. With this understanding that America will turn sharp Left to her destruction, I started summoning and teaching the ladies that meet at the house of Marilyn Elshahawi to start cutting off the Left. Last Wednesday, we started with Vice President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. A Joe Biden run would mean the third term of Barak Obama. Same old as usual. After the intense cutting off of the Left last Wednesday, Joe Biden showed up on national TV the next day. Contrary to the suspicion of the left leaning media that Joe Biden will run for presidency, he announced he will not! He was the first that was cut off! This is our first victory since we started aligning to the vision. I want you to open your eyes concerning the movement of politicians on a national level in this country. Most of that will already reflect the intensed intercession prayed for or against them. We need to take this country back from the loose morals of those who govern us before we see our demise as a nation!

As I am about to fly again in three days to Europe. Watchmen, do not abandon your post of watching. Being on your toes to blog the latest news is good. But without prayer, nothing will happen…!

“He saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no one to intercede; then his own arm brought him salvation, and his righteousness upheld him.” (Isaiah 59:16, ESV)

Knees bent, prayers up! Glory to God!

Here is the closest photo image that I found at the internet that resembles the vision of the ring of fire that surround The Donald. Welcome to the realm of the Spirit! Enjoy seeing..!


Turning Of Page For A Spiritual Shift

When I arrived after enjoying a vacation favored by God, there was a stirring to seek what He has revealed last October 14, 2015. I then remembered that when I scheduled posts for this week before leaving to Palawan, God did not give me His word to share on October 14 and 16. I sought more but He really concealed His plan for these dates. When I got home, I was inspired by the Spirit of God to check out what He revealed through other people, specifically through the contributors of this website. And it was impressed to me that there was a turning of page happened from October 13 to 14. It was a massive shift in the spiritual realm. There was a great revealing of God’s thoughts and wisdom from those dates onward. The activity of the Spirit of God is so unprecedented that it is so active. Giftings, ministries and lives are being positioned for a greater war ahead. There were tremendous impartations released all over us. God is revealing more of His Wisdom to us. Fear and anxieties are broken. The following are the revelations of the Lord through His beloved children. May these will bless us all!!!

knowing your position

Discernment of Spirits: Know Your Position And Be Unafraid

By Helen Calder of Enliven Blog

The gift of discernment of spirits is the Holy Spirit-empowered ability to determine the spiritual source of something—whether it is an atmosphere, something spoken or something presenting through a person or wider group.

Those of us who are gifted in discernment tend to be very sensitive to what is occurring in the spiritual realm, often being alerted ahead of time to what is taking place.

There will be times when we are confronted with something that is demonic in origin, or spiritual warfare is taking place.

When this happens, it helps to remember not onlywho we are, but also where we are. We need to be able to step back and recognise our spiritual position. It is only from our position in Christ that we are protected, and can confidently respond in a way that honours Him.

‘And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.’ (Col 2:15)

Your 2-Fold Position of Discernment

1. You are in Christ.

‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!’ (2 Cor 5:17)

‘For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.’ (Eph 3:3)

What a wonderful truth—the power of the cross. The enemy cannot touch you because you are hidden in Christ! See it, believe it, and confess it.

There will be contention for that truth and so you need to guard your heart.

‘The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.’ (Prov 18:10)

When you have a revelation of Who your God is, and your righteousness in Christ, you can be secure in Him—no matter what is taking place around you, and no matter what you are discerning or perceiving. When the enemy looks at you, he sees Christ.

When fear or discouragement arises from something we are discerning, this is a sign that we need to recognise our spiritual address—our location. The Bible is our GPS and Scripture says we are hidden in Jesus. We are seated in Heavenly Places.

2. You are Seated in Heavenly Places

‘Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.’ (Col 3:1-4)

‘And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus.’ (Eph 2:6)

When we understand that our spiritual position is in heavenly places, then our focus is on what is happening in the Throne Room. We want to hear what the Father is saying and see what He is up to. The highest use of the gift of discernment is to perceive what the Holy Spirit is doing.

There will be times we need to be reminded of this. We need to be intentional about our focus, because the enemy will try and distract us.

‘Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a pole.” He redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus, so that by faith we might receive the promise of the Spirit.’ (Gal 3:13-14)

You are blessed in Christ! You are ‘the head and not the tail’, ‘above and not beneath.’ (Deut 28:13) Your location and address is that you are seated in heavenly places.

This is your Kingdom perspective.

When you wage spiritual warfare, you are not beneath the enemy, trying to fight your way up. You may be wrestling and contending (Eph 6:12) but your position is one of strength and authority. You reside at the Throne and the enemy must bow to the name of Jesus.

Stay Hidden in Christ

We are located in Christ. This is our permanent address! This is something we can celebrate and be confident in. However, when we value this, we will not take it for granted. It is vital that we stay under cover.

Jesus said in John 14:30, ‘the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me.’ He was referring to His sinlessness.

The Apostle Paul said, ‘In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.’ (Eph 4:26-27)

‘Not giving the devil a foothold’ does not mean that we will always be perfect; it means that we are trusting in the only Perfect One. It means walking in repentance and in the light—not fighting battles with sin in secret, but being open and accountable. (Eph 5:8-13)

We need to deal with issues quickly, and not ‘give the devil a foothold’ because our inheritance is righteousness.

You can be conscious of your righteousness in Christ every moment of every day. Through the cross, you are cleansed, justified (‘just-as-if-I-have-never-sinned’) and made holy. (Rom 3:24 Heb 10:10),

You can walk every day knowing that your location is that you are at home in Jesus. You are hidden in Christ and seated in heavenly places. And when you perceive through discernment that something is amiss, you can have complete security from your spiritual position.

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impartations bringing miraculous change

Impartations Bringing Miraculous Change!!!

By Lana Vawser of Lana Vawser Ministries

I felt the Lord encouraging His people to specifically have their hearts fixed on Him for fresh impartations.

I saw HUGE heavenly downloads, big presents labelled IMPARTATIONS falling from the heart of Papa to His people.

I felt the heart of Papa God so excited.. “Ask Me what impartation I am releasing to you that is going to bring such radical change.” I could feel Him beaming with excitement and joy in this releasing.

As these impartations were received, some were expected and others fell suddenly when they least expected it.

These impartations are flowing from the heart of God and the throne room and bringing miraculous change. Even the most unlikely and things/people that have been spoken against will suddenly see the miraculous hand of God bringing a total change and shift that only He could bring.

Impartations of heavenly reality and manifestation are coming upon the people of God now that is moving them from what has felt like DECREASE to RAPID INCREASE! These impartations are also seeing the Lord release His “victory card”. A sudden cutting away, breaking an annihilating of the enemy’s assignment and chains that have held some down.

Impartations from His heart are bringing miraculous change!

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Well of Wisdom

Word From The Lord On October 14

By Cindy Jacobs of Generals Internationals

This is a prophetic word by Cindy Jacobs that was recorded on October 14, 2015 about God providing abundant wisdom. 

For the Lord would say, “You have asked for wisdom, and you need wisdom. I am going to provide for you a well of wisdom.”

As I was personally praying about this, I began to have a vision after the Lord began to speak to me about the wisdom He wanted to provide. And I saw an artesian well, a bubbling up well.

The Lord says, “I have continual wisdom for you. I don’t give you wisdom in portions. There is a well of My wisdom that is abundant, that is going to flow for you. And this wisdom is provided for you every day, every hour, every minute. And so as you learn to walk with Me, walk and talk with Me, as I’ve created you, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, I’m going to give you that which you lack.  For your lack of wisdom causes you to fear. Your lack of wisdom causes you to be anxious and uncertain.” But the Lord says, “I am your ever present well of wisdom. So fear not.”

The Lord would say, “I have been speaking this to you, but know you’re going to grow in who you are in Me. You’re going to grow in your ability to tap into this well of wisdom that I am giving you. Because I am wisdom,” says the Lord. “I am wisdom. I am the spirit of wisdom,” says the Lord.

And the Lord says, “The spirit of wisdom is embodied in my Holy Spirit in you. So as you begin to pray and you begin to pray in the spirit and you begin to seek My face, as you incline your ear unto me, as you say, ‘Lord, I know I’m lacking, I know I don’t know what to do,’ I would say to you, I will show you the way, and you will hear My wisdom. It will be so supernatural, and it will be so full of revelation that from one minute to the next, what you didn’t have you’re going to have. You’re going to know what to do with your family, you’re going to know what to do with your finances, you’re going to know where to find that job, you’re going to know what house to buy, you’re going to know how to pay your bills,” says the Lord, “Because I’m going to give an abundance. It is there. It is flowing. It is artesian. And it is there to meet your every need,” says the Lord.


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Positional Impartations!!!

Positional Impartations
By Lana Vawser of Lana Vawser Ministries

This has been a significant week with Rosh Hashanah and the crossing over that is taking place in the spirit. This week, I have seen the most significant shift in the spirit in the body of Christ I have seen before. At the beginning of the week I saw the ‘sudden alignments’ beginning from this week, and ‘impartations’ being released all across the body of Christ as His people remained positioned in Him. As I have moved into each day this week, the level of impartations I am seeing released from the heart of the Father and through divine connections and relationships has been increasing.

This morning I saw these impartations being released in such great increase and acceleration there was a holy urgency over me “STAY POSITIONED, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR NATURAL EYES SEE, DO NOT MOVE!!!!”, even when you have stared impossibilities in the face and they haven’t bowed, STAY IN PLACE, STAY IN FAITH. In the tension, in the mystery, in the stretching, in the disappointment, in the not understanding, STAY IN PLACE!

For this morning, I saw such incredible impartations of His fire being released to those who have not changed the subject, those who have continued to move forward, those who have not given up, those who have stayed in the truth that no matter what my eyes see, HE is good. In that sacrifice of praise, in that holy resolve to NOT BE MOVED, to remain positioned FRONT LINE IMPARTATIONS OF REVIVAL FIRE were being released.

As the impartation of His fire was being released, suddenly a chess board appeared in front of me and the Lord was “Locking His people into position”. He is raising up His army right now, and this week is a week where He is placing His people in position in the spirit to be ready to release the impartations He has placed in their hands, to lead this end time revival.

There is something VERY significant about this week, about our positioning, the impartations we are receiving and His positioning of us.

I had a dream last night about the Lord moving His people into new levels, promotions and increase from this week. It’s not “coming”, it’s HAPPENING and there is such pressure from all angles this week to “change the subject” (from He is good to doubting His nature and love because of circumstances) but there is a heavy weight on your “YES” to Him this week. Your sacrifice of praise and your “YES” amidst the mess. A birthing is happening right across the body of Christ this week that seeing impartations being received and released all across the body of Christ.

A positioning happening in the spirit this week that is going to be significant for you in the end time revival that is upon us. Not only will the impartations He is releasing from His heart and through His people in connections give you the “foot up” into the next level, it is breaking boxes that God has been placed in. It’s opening up new levels and areas of forerunning and ground that has NOT been walked on before. It is not only opening up increase, but increase upon increase.

Your alignment and positioning this week is key. Whether you see it with your natural eyes or not, your “YES” this week is positioning you for further steps of DESTINY. Your “YES” this week is going to unlock glimpses of your role and call in this coming end time revival that is being released across the earth. Get ready for the Lord to take you to different places in the spirit, different nations, different places to begin to show you on a glimpse of what the new wineskin and move of His Spirit is going to look like and your role in the revival that we are on the brink of.

There is a promotion happening in the spirit this week through the mess, through the mystery, through the stretching, through the tension. A holy dissatisfaction is coming upon the people of God and the seed for “MORE” is being released in encounters from heaven. A deeper level of travail and hunger is taking over the people of God as they are positioned in Him, and the cries that will explode from their hearts is preparing them for the fire of God to be released through them in unprecedented levels and the Spirit of God moving to prepare and make way for the fire of revival. The Lord is shifting things in the spirit and the natural to see His government established.

The army of God are getting into position this week. Your are taking your place at a whole new level this week in the spirit through your YES amidst the mess.

I felt the Lord say that as we stay positioned, He is moving His people into a deeper level of the manifestation of Matthew 11:12:

“From the moment John stepped onto the scene until now, the kingdom of heaven is entered into by force, and passionate people have taken hold of its power.”

In the stretching, in the mystery, in the tension, in the mess, in the disappointment, in the expectancy, in the hunger, in the triumphs, in the waiting… your YES to Him is positioning you for more. Nothing has been wasted. There is a righteous anger for injustices rising up all across the body of Christ in the spirit this week that is birthing warriors to take back ground that was ‘seemingly’ lost. But in this radical arising and force led by His Spirit, MORE GROUND is being taken than was “seemingly lost”.

Strategic impartations of His fire to position you further in your destiny is here. You have a part to play in the revival the Lord is about to release on the earth and your contending is not only bringing an extending WITHIN YOU, but an extending AROUND YOU. You are advancing higher, deeper and wider than you have before. Examine your position and your hearts this week for your greatest increase and impartations are being released from this week.

Get Ready To Burn For God!!!

Get Ready To Burn!
By Lana Vawser of Lana Vawser Ministries

There is huge angelic activity being seen in this season. Over the weekend and this week, I keep seeing angels holding “torches” of fire. They are standing waiting beside the people of God and as they worship and press in, these angelic hosts lean forward with their torches and they place these torches on the hearts, minds, eyes, mouths, feet, hands and ears of the people of God.

There is SIGNIFICANT and SUDDEN increase of His fire over the people of God bringing sudden alignment in the spiritual ‘senses’ of God’s people.

As these angelic hosts bend down as you worship and press in, they are igniting your:

HEARTS : Burning away lies, igniting truth and setting fire to the seeds of the Word you are sowing into your heart releasing exploding revelation.

MINDS: Igniting deeper revelation of the truth that we have the mind of Christ and releasing divine heavenly wisdom and strategy. Racing thoughts and tormenting thoughts are being broken as the people of God align their minds with the Word.

EYES: Sight defying natural atmospheres. Sight to SEE into the UNSEEN.

MOUTHS: Increase in declaring the Word and messages of His heart with greater boldness and conviction. A greater anointing on declaration for breakthrough. WORDS THAT BREAK THROUGH impossibilities opening up new levels of the SUPERNATURAL.

HANDS: Increase in the expression of gifting’s. New levels of release in the gifting’s of God in lives and greater conviction to PULL DOWN by FAITH what is ours in Christ against injustices and impossibilities. A new level of favour upon “what we put our hands to” led by Him as we steward what has been before us, well. HUGE breakthrough’s and increases in HEALING and those with healing anointing’s are moving into new levels of increase. Greater increase in finances, abundance to GIVE and RELEASE more.

FEET: To go further than you have ever been before. New paths, new realms, new doors, new opportunities to take more ground, to see His Kingdom established through you further than ever before with signs and wonders following you. To see your feet move into the enemy’s camp with greater victory and take back what He has stolen. To take the Gospel further than you have before. Greater ground being taken for the Lord.

EARS: To hear at a deeper level than you have heard before, distraction, static and noise being removed releasing a greater clarity to hear what the Lord and what He is doing in the spirit. New levels of accuracy.

Greater encounters of His fire are being released upon you releasing you suddenly into this new season through Rosh Hashanah. What has held you back in the past season is being suddenly burnt away, He is coming as an all consuming fire and bringing the deep level of refining and purifying to release you into the new.

These angelic hosts with their torches of fire are heralding and signalling your entrance into the new season, to go deeper than you have ever been. Further and wider than you have ever been before and to soar to heights and levels above and beyond what you have dreamed about.

Season Of Stretching: Entering The New Level

Been Feeling A Sudden Stretching This Week?
By Lana Vawser of Lana Vawser Ministries

I saw many across the body of Christ feeling a sudden stretching this week. A sudden stretching that has seems to have come out of nowhere, that has left many feeling like they have been stretched more in a week than they have in a while.

There is a transitioning happening this week. There’s an “unsettling transition feeling” that many have suddenly felt this week. That’s because there is a crossover happening in the spirit for many this week.

You are going to a new level!!!! You are going higher!! You are going into a new place where nothing is going to look the same anymore. The new is here!!! You are passing through a threshold into a whole new realm!! This will require a whole new level of intimacy, a whole new level of trust, a whole new level of surrender, that you will be carried into as you rest in the rivers of His Spirit. His Spirit will carry you where you need to go. You will not be taken there by your own efforts or strength, but by His power.

There may be a greater level of sacrifice and surrender before you but it will be a JOY as you move into deeper levels of encounter with His heart and wider open spaces of promotion, favour, revelation and breakthrough.

Embrace the ‘unsettledness and transition feeling’ and know you are birthing and suddenly a shift will take place releasing you into the new level.

What many of you are feeling in this sudden ‘unsettledness and transition feeling’ has left many of you wondering what you have done wrong, or what’s going on. The exact opposite is true. You are being stretched for your increase, promotion and birthing.

The sudden opening of this new level is going to open up realms of encounters with Him and the supernatural like you have never seen before. Get ready to know Him like you have never known Him before as you have positioned yourself. Keep going into your secret place to spend time with Jesus. Keep drawing away even in the ‘uncomfortableness’ this week of the transition. Get those lamps ready for not only will they be filled even more and to overflowing, but more oil in reserve to pour out to others.

The stretching may be feeling painful, but align yourself with what He is doing in the transition through your alignment and surrender. Keep worshipping through the transition this week and you just wait and see the double doors of a new level open up and the mountains that have stood in your way attempting to block you from this entrance be flattened before you.

Season of Receiving: Gifts From Papa!

Gifts From Papa!
By Lana Vawser of Lana Vawser Ministries

I saw the people of God lifting up their worship to Him. Hands were raised and such adoration flowing from the hearts of His people to His throne. As they sung, as they worshiped, their worship was rising to Him like gifts. Gifts were surrounding His throne from all across the world in every tongue, giving Him praise. He was being enthroned in the praises of His people. (Psalm 22:3)

As the people of God worshipped I saw all distractions, fear and worries falling away. Everything not of Him was falling to the “wayside”. Hindrances being broken off, such a deeper positioning into deeper intimacy was taking place. Scales were falling off eyes and ‘plugs’ the enemy had placed in ears, suddenly POPPING OUT.

The Lord was SO delighted in the praises of His people. His eyes filled with tears of joy at the beauty of His children!!

I then saw Papa lean down from the throne and with an expectant excited heart He spoke.. “ASK ME.. go on.. ASK ME!!!!! Share the desires and dreams on your heart with Me that are arising to the surface as you worship Me. ASK ME! ASK ME! ASK ME!”

As I watched this my spirit began to leap in my belly with the excitement of a good Father, just waiting for His children to ASK, so He could LAVISH His good gifts upon them. What was bubbling up in their heart as they worshipped as what He had placed in their hearts.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. “Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” (Matthew 7:7-11)

As He spoke, constraints of fear of dreaming, fear of ‘asking for the wrong thing’, fear of ‘maybe what I am asking for isn’t what He wants’ was being broken as perfect love surrounded His people, the delight of a good Father.

I saw the people of God then climb up on His lap, and begin to share their hearts and dreams. He listened with such intent, such care, not to miss a detail. As they shared, I heard the sound of doors unlocking all around. New levels of intimacy were being unlocked with the heart of the Father.

The Lord was beaming with excitement and joy. The look in His eyes of “Oh you just wait and see!!!!!”

Suddenly, the vision changed and I saw the people of God standing before the throne again in worship. All of a sudden it began to RAIN. It was raining GIFTS AND SURPRISES. Fulfilled desires of His people’s hearts were raining down. 7 fold restoration gifts, raining down. Surprises raining down.

He spoke again..

“I am a GOOD GOOD Father. Do not be afraid to ask Me. Do not be afraid to share your heart with Me. Do not be afraid to dream with Me. As you worship, pay attention to what comes to the surface, for I am stirring the desires and dreams in your heart. Do not let fear hold you back any longer. As you open these gifts, not only will you receive incredible blessing and manifestation of your hearts desires and dreams.. but something even more precious…!!!”

The people of God began to open, gift after gift after gift and they began to sob. Tears of joy, tears of restoration, tears of healing, tears of freedom. At first, I thought they were sobbing because of their fulfilled dreams and desires before them, and that was part of it, but then there was something deeper.

IN the display of His faithfulness and provision that was SO above and beyond.. hearts were being healed by receiving a greater gift.. the gift of REVELATION. The gift of SEEING PAPA!!! Seeing JUST HOW GOOD HE REALLY IS!!!! How much He cares! How much He loves!

He kneeled down to each one and spoke “This is the season where gifts and surprises, manifested hearts desires and dreams will rain down in greater acceleration than you have ever seen and in the midst of the abundant rain, you shall see I AM MORE GOOD THAN YOU THINK I AM!!!!!!!!! Get ready to be thrown into a deeper SEA of SEEING My goodness.”