Iloilo: Divine Awakening In The City

A Prophetic Word Released to Iloilo City, Philippines
During the March for Jesus 2012
By Eunice Bennett of Eunice Bennett Ministries

“I, the Lord your God will come to you like a burning fire. I am going to burn and destroy everything that stands in the way- with what I intend to do among you. I am going to raise you up. I am going to build you up! A desolation of many generations will be repaired. I the Lord your God is picking up the debris and changing it to a new handmade fashioned by my hands. Here is what I have to say to you: I will raise up from among you mayors, governors, congressmen, senators… Presidents who will fill up the public offices with kingdom conscience and righteousness. I will put my fire in your spirit that will remind you that you are called to occupy these high places. I will raise up engineers, information technology specialist and technicians, accountants… Agriculturists, meteorologists, academicians, and economist to bring this city and the economy of this country to a second world status. There will be a remarkable and massive shift from the spirits that will be evident in the physical. You will abandon selfish pursuits in order to embrace kingdom intentions. This is a new day says the Lord! I will remove and uproot witches and sorcerers among you. You are going to seek my face and my hands. I, the Lord your God is near you, I can be found by you. I am not in corruption. I am not in apathy. I hate lukewarmness. I am not in laziness. I am not in division. But the sword has come to expose the tares among the wheat. The time has come that sexual immorality behind the pulpit will not be concealed. I the Lord your God will expose it! I will remove the ungodly and the mockers in the pulpit. In these last days, I will cleanse my house and remove all forms of evil done in my house. I will restore justice and righteousness. Your righteousness will be the radiance that will draw the ungodly among you. You are going to drink the wine of revival! You are going to drink the wine of renewal! I am going to untangle from you the oppressive weight of religion and tradition. You will know Holy Ghost freedom! You will identify my voice. You are no longer going to stumble because of dryness and barrenness. This is a new day, says the Lord! This is the day of fruitfulness and life in every area. I will pour out my spirit on you in a far greater intensity. Even little children as young as 2 years old will be baptized in my spirit. They will speak in unknown tongues, even before they will learn to speak their native tongue. I am going to raise up among you forerunners that carry the anointing of my spirit that will excel in the entertainment industry. Anointed forerunners that will excel in public office. Anointed forerunners that will excel in inventions and innovations. Anointed forerunners that will excel in real estate and developments. Anointed forerunners that are enterprising and possessing the brilliance of an entrepreneur- they are my marketplace apostles! I am going to raise up among you anointed forerunners that will speak with bold authority to control the atmosphere and weather. You shall become the envy of the world! I am going to raise up a company of prophets among you, just like in the days of Elijah. They will prophesy in the high places of government and corporations. They will travel to the nations of the world. They will prophesy to churches, even in public places where anyone can listen. They are going to carry messages filled with revelation and insight into mysteries. I am going to raise up missionaries and evangelists among you that will reach the nooks and crannies of the world where citizens of other nations would not even consider entertaining. But, I am sending you there! I am going to raise up financial investors to support kingdom work. They will become the senders, the financiers and the life line- so that my work will not die due to luck of financing. Didn’t I tell you that if you call upon my name and humble yourself, and pray and seek my face, i am going to heal the land? Yes, I am healing the land. Rain is going to come. People are going to come! Foreigners will migrate into this city. You are going to be discovered. You will be heard on the evening news! The sound of the blessings chasing you will be heard. As you believe you will receive! The time is now, and the moment is here! Seize it! Revival as you speak, says the Lord! I am going to raise up people after my own heart that i will plant in the media. They will be found in radio, television and in print. They will become the voice in the industry that will balance and introduce the good news in a media littered with bad news. I will stir up your children to pursue degrees in communication and broadcasting. I am raising up people of assignment whose calling is the penetration and influence of the media industry. They will become the bullets in my hand who will speak out one –liners, which are anointed and piercing. It will produce conviction to those who do not know the truth. They shall become my apostles in the media. You shall be visited by dignitaries from foreign lands. They will allocate financial resources to help you build your highways, your bridges, your sidewalks, and your waste places. They will shift their interest from other countries towards this city. When you see this things happening, know therefore, that I the Lord your God has commanded this shift! Fortune 500 companies will relocate in this city. I, the Lord your God, will whisper this city in their ears. Your city will be suggested and brought to their attention. The relocation will open doors to so many employment opportunities. It will heal joblessness in the land, says the Lord! The entrepreneurs among you will be fearless in pioneering ideas that I have downloaded into their spirits. New businesses will sprout! Prepare the highways prepare the by-ways! The work of my hand shall become famous among you. I shall become the topic of your conversations. I, the Lord your God am saying, you have not seen anything yet, great things are in store for you! I have forgiven your sins. Your contriteness has moved my heart! I the Lord your God will exalt my name and the works of my hands. If you listen and take heed. I will lengthen your days. You will see all these things come to pass in your lifetime, says the Lord. I am going to visit you with my spirit in the schools, the campuses and the universities. Your children will go home filled with my spirit. I will pour out my spirit to the teachers, professors, principals, supervisors…staff and administrators and even to the presidents of the campuses. Revival will sweep the campuses unprecedented in your time and history, says the Lord. Mention my name to everyone, says the Lord! Tell them about my love whether you are in the buses jeepneys, working, cooking or resting. The seed that you sow I will bless. It will not return void. Pack the bag of seed. Start sowing and expect the accelerated manifestation of harvest! My spirit is overtaking! It is chasing you! It is all over you! Come, arise, my beloved! You are the apple of my eye. You are beautiful to behold! Let us celebrate this love and this new day, says the Lord. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has concealed what God has prepared for those who loved him. Your day has come Iloilo city. Your time to shine is here!”

Below is the recording of the above-mentioned prophetic word.