Iloilo: The Rise Of A Transformed City

A Prophetic Word Released To Iloilo City, Philippines
By: Cindy Jacobs of Generals International, October 2004, Baguio, Philippines

“The Lord shows me that Iloilo will be a transformed city. That God is coming to uproot ancient things. The Lord shows me that the youth in that city are going to have such a massive revival. That there will be signs and wonders. The Lord shows me that that is a missionary city. That there are many missionaries from that city that will shake the nations of the world. The Lord shows me that the missionaries from that city will go into Brunei; they will go into Burma, Tibet. The Lord says I am going to raise up those who are fearless and they are going to shake the nations of the earth. God is going to visit Iloilo again. And I am going to say that there is a Joel prayer army that is rising in the land. God is going to release this prayer and fasting army, this Nazirites pure army that is going to shake the earth like you have never seen.”