The Rising Glory

This series is for us Filipinos to be encouraged in returning back fully to God. Philippines has a greater future. It only needs a tip-off to discover what awaits the Philippines. We are far greater than what we can imagine. Let us begin to embrace the call of God and answer “Here I am, Lord. I am yours!”

Philippines! The world is out in sinfulness! The Lord, our God will delay His word no more! Let me take us back to the Words of God for us through Cindy Jacobs, American founder and head of a worldwide prayer network: Generals of Intercession, author of three bestselling books on prayer, prophecy and spiritual warfare; and widely recognized “prophet to the nations”, last October 27, 2001 in the “Catch the Fire” conference of Harvest International Ministries in California, U.S.A.

At one point in the conference, two of a handful of Filipinos there, Pastor Jerome Ocampo and his wife Annabelle, were called onstage. They were prayed for and asked to receive the financial “love offering” for the day to benefit the “Jesus Revolution” youth revival to be held at the Luneta in Manila the month after. Cindy Jacobs was invited onstage to make the call for support for the revival.

Prophecy Through Cindy Jacobs

“…the Lord would say to the Philippines -I am shaking everything that can be shaken so that no man can glory in what I will do. For I have waited for a generation that I could raise up a purity and a holiness in. And I am raising up firebrands!

There is a forerunner anointing coming upon the youth of the Philippines that will prepare the way of the Lord, even into the Middle East. Look and see what I will do in Mindanao. For I am going to visit in a way that you cannot imagine! I am coming to Mindanao, says the Lord, as God and the Lord of Hosts, and I am going to start appearing. As a sign that I am going to truly change the nation, I am going to show myself to the guerilla leaders. I am going to come, says the Lord, and I am going to begin at the places in the Philippines that have been the bloodiest; the places where the guerillas’ insurrection have been the strongest. And I am going to come with signs and wonders and miracles! I am getting ready to pour out a miracle anointing upon the Philippines such as the earth has never seen! For Indonesia, they had a mighty rushing wind. But in the Philippines they will have the fire from heaven that will begin to fall! And this will be a purging fire! And I will say, I will visit even as if in a day, says God. Do not think that I am not able to come in a day and begin to unravel the iniquities of the nation, says the Lord!

I am going to visit the military. I am getting ready to come among the young in the military. And the Lord says, there’s going to be a revolution of righteousness that comes within the military.

I’m getting ready to dethrone everything that needs to be dethroned, for even the bowls of heaven are full. Oh, I see the bowls in heaven are just getting ready to be tipped over the Philippines and I am going to spill out my glory!

And the Lord says, I will remove the shame that Satan has tried to put upon this nation! And the Lord says, look and see, for even the blood of the martyrs cries out from Saudi Arabia! The blood of the martyrs cries out from those Islamic nations, and my Filipino people that have laid their lives down. Do not think I haven’t seen it! Do not think I am looking away! Do not think I do not see you! Do not think I do not see you, Philippines; for I see you! You are the apple of my eye! You are a treasure unto me!

This is the day and this is the hour when I begin to change everything, says the Lord! I’m going to change the judicial system. I’m going to dethrone corrupt judges. I’m getting ready to deal with the police force. I’m going to expose, expose, expose, expose!

And the Lord says, look and see what I will do! For I will open up my treasure chest from the Philippines! And I am going to release finances for the Philippines that will surprise and shake even Hongkong! For I am getting ready to move a distribution of wealth, says God. And I am getting ready to open the oil! I am getting ready to open that which is in the ocean! I’m getting ready to bring forth a revolution even in the economic systems, in the finance systems!

Look to the university in Manila, says God. For I am going to bring a revival that the-Oh my Lord!— the Lord says, not hundreds, but thousands and thousands and thousands are going to get saved!! The Lord says, can I touch a whole university? Yes I can touch a whole university! I can come with my glory and I can come with my power in ways that you cannot imagine!

For I am coming, says God! I am coming and I will remain, says the Lord!

Partial Fulfillment

Forty-eight (48) hours after she spoke, they hit oil in Palawan in commercial quantity! We can use that as collateral to address our foreign debt. Two months after, President Gloria Macapagal declared that the coconut levy fund would be transformed into a public fund to better benefit Filipino farmers. That’s one fulfillment of the prophecy on the redistribution of wealth. That month, the United States was still reeling from the September 11 terrorist attack. But instead of prophesying for the U.S., she prophesied for the Philippines. This suggests the urgency and priority of God’s Word for our nation. And God is ready to cleanse the whole land from its iniquity.

Judicial System was radically changed during the impeachment of Chief Justice Corona. This is another fulfillment.

The Scarborough Shoal Island is another fulfillment for the opening of the oil which is in the ocean! Now Philippines stand firm in God and claim your portion in these days!

The year after year awards of different Filipino around the world is another fulfillment. Those winnings in the international beauty pageants are very noticeable! The recognition of the creativity and skillfulness of Filipino in different field are now booming the social media and tv media. Do not go before God’s season for your rising. He has his own and best ways to fulfill your destiny. Do not sell your birth rights in exchange for a piece of cheap recognition. Aim for God’s recognition.

So much exposure of the unrighteousness in the land which gives opportunity for the nation to cleanse itself!

Now Philippines! Are we now ready to receive the full measure of the fulfillment? Wake up! Go and return to God! The Glory of God is now rising above the atmosphere. Are we ready for this? Let us shape up!

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