Glorious Faith and Favor

Discover the power of God’s glory on a personal level and on a national level. It is an impact that changes a life. It will turn situations upside down. The moment His glory affects the life of His creation, it tickles the heart of our loving Father in heaven.  Philippines, greater things are coming!

Let us establish first the previous sessions.

We discussed that the western countries are now being shaken. And of course, we are aware that God is raising up eastern countries to be His conduit to pour out His glory among the nations.

Ezekiel 43:2

2 And behold, the glory of the God of Israel was coming from the east. And the sound of his coming was like the sound of many waters, and the earth shone with his glory.

Now how will this glory affect us personally and as a nation? Philippines, we need to hear this!

The glory of God will not stay in the supernatural. It will manifest in the natural. And we call that blessings. Why will it manifest in the natural? It is because that is our original design, to manifest the glory of God here on earth. Let us accept this thought and revelation. We think it’s impossible because we are more acquainted with our identity with who we are after the first sin occurred and we forget who we were originally.

In the glory of God, we don’t need money to fly back and forth from one country to another. It is not impossible to find jobs fitted for us. We don’t need money to be fed. We don’t need money to live. All we need is the glory of God. Know this that the currency in the Kingdom of God is faith. And the fruit of your faith is the favor of God. It goes this way. We are destined for something. And God will provide the means to arrive in its fulfillment! That is the momentum of God’s people. We discussed how we are to move in faith according to the will of God in the session of Exponential Faith 2 (The Grace and Glory Days series).

We will expect and be assured of what we believe in. Expect that nothing is impossible with God and be assured by knowing His heart and mind towards us and towards the world. Now, this is the currency (or money) in the Kingdom of God. It is faith! With the power of faith, anything can be done. And when we ask, having the heart and mind of God in us, He will do it and God the Father will be glorified! That is faith!

Next thing we will have is the favor of God! As His glory shall be poured out upon the land, those who walk according to His Spirit shall be covered with supernatural favor that even the mind of man cannot comprehend! The riches of the world shall be at our foot being the footstool of our Father in Heaven. Whenever we need and want according to the will of God, we will have it in perfect time!

Who says Philippines is poor? We Filipinos did not yet fully claim our portion in the glory of God! It’s time to move under His glory and the nations of the world will recognize us as the forerunner in the Kingdom of God!