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Fire Brand New LogoFire Brand Generation Hour Website is birthed from the Spirit of God to be a channel in highlighting and understanding God’s movement in the present generation from Iloilo, Philippines to the whole world. There is an increasing measure of the outpouring of God’s Spirit in these days. It is purposed to chronicle that phenomenon and to release teachings that are not commonly preached from the pulpit.

This website envisions to see the present generation to be an army carrying the fire of God as they march in every nation. The universe is now waiting for the uproar shout of praise and declaration of a generation to welcome the coming King. That generation will be commonly known as a bridal generation. One who will say from the book of Revelations “Come.”


Latest casual headshotNile Kris Jan Bañga is the primary administrator of Fire Brand Generation Hour Website and primary author of articles therein unless a specific author or source is cited. He is a young man from Iloilo, Philippines who was caught by God in the midst of his miry clay and being changed through the sacrificial love of Jesus. He is part of Jesus Is Love Church Iloilo under the supervision of Pastor Leanette and Romeo Jabano. He is under training in the Spirit of God to attain the likeness of Jesus.

He is a top notch graduate of Apostolic – Prophetic Course Batch 3 in Iloilo House of Prayer under Pastor Maggie Hofileña. He also took a Discipleship Course at the Ministry Training of Prophetic Voice InstituteGospel Truth Ministries under Dr. Joseph Kostelnik.

He is also serving God by creating graphics for God-inspired ministries he is connected with such as Iloilo House of Prayer and Eunice Bennett Ministries.

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