Who are the Enemies of Revival?

by: Pastor Sol Galunan of God’s Love Christian Fellowship

This is originally published here.

The Corrupters

like Ahab and Jezebel.

The Compromisers

like Ahab’s steward, Obadiah, who was a follower of God, but had so fully compromised with the world, he was of no use to God.


The Confused

People who haven’t got a clue.

We need a revival that news anchors can’t explain, not anyone’s program, propaganda, preaching, or paraphernalia. A revival where the fire of God falls—fire that consumes, convicts, and converts.

Prophets of God like Elijah, who confronted the king to his face, are always looked upon as troublemakers. Ahab said, “Are you he that troubleth Israel?”

Elijah could rightly say, “No, Ahab, you are the one troubling Israel.”

When prophets of God speak, when pastors in the pulpit address the sin of a nation, there are always those like Ahab who will say, “I wish that guy would shut up. He’s a troublemaker.”

Whether those who speak out and speak up for God are praised or ridiculed, we must do it.

The Competitors

There’s a fourth category of person: competitors to the gospel of our Lord and His kingdom. Elijah had the priests of Baal (v. 22-29). There were plenty of them. Elijah was in a minority. God’s people in this day were in the minority.

Humanism, demonism, witchcraft, and sheer unbelief surround us. But in spite of all of these, they cannot hold back revival because the Bible says, concerning the priests of Baal, the humanists, the atheists, the cultists, “Greater is He that is in us than the spirits of Satan in the world”(1 John 4:4).

One effective strategy of the enemy to influence the minority to become powerless is to silence the minority in PRAYING… Elijah wasn’t afraid to let the priests of Baal pray. He said, “Let them pray. And let us pray. We’ll see who’s God. The God that answers by fire, let him be God.”


Sol Galunan is a pastor at God’s Love Christian Fellowship who moves in the streams of apostolic and prophetic ministry. As to her Apostolic calling, she wants to see the Body of Christ grow in maturity of the knowledge and power of God, thereby she organizes event to cater the need of spreading the Word of God and building up the Body of Christ especially in her beloved Iloilo City. The events were able to connect to Body of Christ in Iloilo City. 

She was a treasurer at Full Gospel Center Church Fajardo St. Jaro Iloilo City and later became an elder of the church from 1990 to 2004. She was also appointed as Chairman of Compassion International from 1992 to 2015. She was also part of Intercessors of Iloilo City core group for 5 years. She was trained at Berean Bible School Roxas City 2003 to 2004 and took community transformation training at Hillsong Australia in 2004. She was a Pastoral Staff  at Full Gospel Center Church 2004 to 2010 and pastor of God’s Love Christian Fellowship from 2011 til today. She has been the EBM Event Organizer from 2011-present. She also organized events for Bob Koo, Brad Sullivan USA, IFP Dan Ballais and Injil Karaan Crusade Semarang Indonesia. She was a Mission Instructor for ACM, Bacolod City 2014 and a Bible School Teacher A/G Bible School 2013-2014.

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