Iloilo: Heart of the Philippines

A Prophetic Analysis And Vision Forthtelling
by: Eunice Bennett of Eunice Bennett Ministries, March 12, 2014

Today, will become history years from now. I will tell you today why Iloilo, Philippines will become great in the eyes not only of the Philippines but to the Body of Christ all over the world!

She is a small province in Western Visayas, the hub of business and economic life for Aklan, Antique, Capiz and Guimaras, the neighboring provinces.

She is an academic powerhouse that carries the best schools and institutions not only in the region but across Philippines and Asia.

She does not have the spirit of physical violence that is common in some parts of Mindanao, another region in the Philippines.

She adores the knowledge of God. She is hungry and thirsty. She could not get enough of God!

She will cross the waters, climb the mountains, and travel a distance just to hear an anointed message to know what God is saying in this hour and in these coming days!

She is eager but she is wise! She listens but she deciphers! She receives and she evaluates if what is being said does not contradict the Bible. She has the anointing of the Bereans!

Once she knows that the messenger and the message is sound, they support and align.

Her standard of righteousness is high and she is grieved if she could not find it at the pulpit.

She is entering the season of “suddenlies” Suddenly, ministers from the West are discovering her and desiring to impart to her. Suddenly, she became the focus and the favorite. Suddenly, everyone wants to prophesy to her! There is a shift and a shift indeed!

I saw in my spirit that anointed, brilliant pastor and televangelist Brad Sullivan will take off from her! I also see him being on cable TV in this part of the Philippines.

I saw that faithful and sacrificial evangelist like Anthony D` Angelo will make a comeback and Iloilo will be the beach head of that return! I saw him conducting pastor`s conferences.

I saw that anointed teacher Joyce Pugh of One By One Ministries will entrench her roots deeper in her.

I saw emerging and anointed believers from Singapore finding their promised land in this city where “God is the portion.” I saw them buying a piece of real estate and assimilating into the culture.

I saw Australian ministers desiring to conduct huge events in her hotel venues and birthing the agenda to unite further the ministers operating at the five-fold ministry.

I saw South African ministers and mega church pastors speaking in her conferences.

I saw anointed Brazilian worship leaders leading one of her big events.

I saw people from different countries visiting her because she became famous not only because of the movie “Iloilo,” but she became a forerunner and a template for the rest of Asia to see on how the anointing of Elijah manifests on her as she will succeed in destroying the high places in her city and in the entire province.

I saw many enterpreneurs and foreign investors will buy her real estate, establish their business in the city, employ many people, train her and export her talents to the world. The training center for enterpreneurs will be located at her city.

I saw her being opened up to the world to get a portion of the clothing and manufacturing business that mostly goes to China. On the business side, the tailoring and clothes making business will be her future. It is coming to her as part of her blueprint towards the future.

Negros Occidental and the seven gateways cities will learn from her. She is the head and not the tail. Even Manila will be mesmerized with her economic growth!

The mighty and the anointed prophetic voice will emerge from her. The rest of the 7,106 islands of the Philippines will copy her. Even Asia will send delegates to her to learn how she gets to that point of climbing the heights in the spirit and even in the natural!

She will become a mind boggling phenomenon for the Philippines, Asia, South Africa, South America and even to North America. No one will dare to visit her in the past. If she was recommended in the past, ministers say, “where?” But the “suddenlies” are coming, and it is bringing with it a shift. Now, they will say, “let us go there!”

I saw her conducting huge events at her stadium. Her hotels will be packed with all kinds of conferences every month from a different gamut of speakers all over the world.

She will become a new wine and a new byword that people will love to talk about!

She will be the first in the Philippines and Asia to understand that the marriage of the prophetic and apostolic anointing will not only affect the local houses in the citywide Body, but even her economic and political climate will change.

I saw hotels despairing to get the events of the churches because it is frequent and they are a good repeat customers.

I saw that denominations in her city will try to fight the new wine that is coming, but eventually they will give up because they will realize that this is the hand of God and not the hand of men moving in her.

As the flood of international speakers are frequently visiting her, I saw the collapse of the cave man mindset that says, “only our church,” “this should only be done in our denomination.” There is a Holy Ghost wave coming which is greater and bigger than what they have seen in the past that will overtake and overwhelm her.

The cave man mindset proponents will not be able to control their people anymore with the old antics of charismatic witchcraft manipulation and intimidation to restrain her people.

Those who are looking for evil among them will find evil. And their own find will strangulate them. However, those who are trying to find God among them will really find God!

Iloilo is rising! The rise is so prominent that it is almost blinding! Even the spiritually blind is going to see it!

She will become the Hongkong of the Philippines! From her belly, Philippines and Asia will drink the new wine and find satisfaction to their thirst.

The Lord is saying to you today, “Iloilo, know therefore that I have chosen you so that you will become as I want you to become. You are going to hear My voice and follow the ways of My Spirit. Do not marry with idolaters. The purging and cleansing has to come to your land in order to prepare you for the glory days ahead! Get rid of all kinds of evil, addictions and sexual sins. Do not allow these to rob you of your prophetic destiny as a Body and as a people. Get rid of pride and character assassination. Focus on Me, says the Lord. Focus on what I have in front of you, thus says the Lord.